Josh Trank hated Fantastic Four like the rest of us

So Fantastic Four was awful. Really, truly Johnny Storm flaming terrible.

Director Josh Trank is not exactly helping his case for future projects selling out 20th Century Fox for their take on the movie, which he tweeted was a far cry from his awesome one.

This film had disaster written all over it so the result wasn’t surprising, but with this failure in addition to getting dropped/agreeing to depart one of the Star Wars spin-offs, Trank’s once bright future is looking increasingly bleaker.

Of course, this could just lead to a Richard Donner deal where 10 years from now we get “Fantastic Four: The Josh Trank Cut.”


  • It’s obvious that since he’s sort of a new filmmaker that he wasn’t going to get final cut but I think what happened was that a lot of studio heads and such interfered with what he wanted to do for them and it went into the hands of other people who really didn’t know the story. I guess that is why he wasn’t involved in the promotion and it turned out to be crap.

  • Hey Jeff, interesting stuff. One quick correction though: Trank was not on ROGUE ONE. That one was, is, and has always been helmed by Gareth Edwards. It’s just recently started shooting.

    Trank was set to direct the second STAR WARS ANTHOLOGY film, set to hit theaters in May of 2018. Trank’s film was rumored to be about Boba Fett. Instead, we’re getting a Han Solo origin film directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller of THE LEGO MOVIE and 21/22 JUMP STREET fame and written by EMPIRE and JEDI scribe Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jon.

  • Thanks Barry! I keep getting those two wrong!

  • It’s odd on both parties’ part to not see the potential for a trainwreck here.

  • keith

    trank and fox no longer need to touche any marvel related ideas.( and sony JEFF lol) Well maybe if they gave him something silly like deadpool. I never got the weird obssesion with him. Its seems like all his fans are the worst of the fanboy section. Maybe its Ava Durnay got of all this superhero business so her name wont get destroyed in social media infamy. Disney cut the check and get your properties back damn it!!!! If you buy starwars you can somewhat can save the FF. thank God black panther became associated with the avengers than the FF once he was introduced. I would be so pissed if trank made him a NYC mutated cat man living in the sewer or something.

  • keith

    but chronicle was good though

  • Seriously. I wouldn’t be that upset besides the lack of crossovers, if the movie was good, but they need to hand it over now.

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