Fantastic Four self destructs as Mission Impossible repeats

  1. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – $29.4 million [2nd week; $109.5 million] Great word of mouth and a weak new arrival allowed Tom Cruise’s latest to enjoy a second stint atop the box office.

fantastic-four-2015-wallpaper-movie-poster-thing-human-torch-mr-fantastic-invisible-woman2. Fantastic Four– $26 million [debut week] I rarely root for films to fail so spectacularly at the box office, but Fox clearly has no interest in making a good Fantastic Four franchise only churning this waste of time out to keep the license from reverting to Marvel Studios.

The weak opening was half of what the  first film ($56 million) and its sequel “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” ($58 million) did in 2005 and 2007 respectively. 

This showing is worse than other comic films like “V for Vendetta” ($29 million), “2 Guns” ($27 million) and “Hercules” ($29 million). None of those are anywhere close to being the household names in the comic book genre and certainly none with the Marvel banner. 

The awful FF performance also ended the streak of Marvel films opening at No. 1 at 12. This is the lowest Marvel debut since 2012 when “Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance” opened with $22.1 million.

With its $120 million budget, this is going to be a major bomb for Fox and maybe it’ll be enough for the studio to start working out an arrangement with Marvel Studios. We can only hope.

3. The Gift – $12 million [debut week] On the flip side, the Joel Edgerton psychological thriller received fantastic reviews and did a better than expected. With a $5 million budget, this one is already a hit for distributor STX.

4. Vacation – $9 million [3rd week; $37.3 million] The sole comedy option is slowly making its way to $50 million where it looks like it will top out.

5. Ant-Man – $7.8 million [4th week; $147 million] Marvel Studios’ latest ironically will likely enjoy a much longer stint on the box office Top 10 than Fantastic Four. 

  • fred

    I think many of us knew the only reason Fox made another FF film was to retain the film rights, even at the expense of making a film that movie audiences find awful. It doesn’t sound like there was enough time, research and effort put into this epic failure. I thought this film would be a sure shot guarantee to reach 100 million domestic going into the weekend, even with bad word of mouth, now it’s looking like it might top out at just 70-80 million domestic in the end. You look at “Ant Man” and it’s already at nearly 150 million domestic and should finish in the 165-175 million domestic range, what a difference. This was an atrocious opening weekend for FF and “Straight Outta Compton” is going to put it out of it’s memory next weekend.

  • It’s going down as a massive failure, which is great since Marvel Studios are the only ones who can get this team to be an attraction in theaters. Maybe in time for Infinity War?
    Checking out Compton tomorrow!