Black Panther, Vision choose sides in Captain America Civil War

If it weren’t for Spectre, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part II and of course, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I’d just as soon fast forward to hurry up and get us to Captain America: Civil War.

Captain America and Iron Man will be clashing and now we’ve got our first look at how the teams will break down thanks to this piece of promo art.

Captain America Civil War promo Iron Man teamCaptain America Civil War promo Captain America team

Captain America Civil War promo art Iron Man vs Cap team

“Captain America: Civil War” comes to theaters May 6.

  • fred

    This looks fantastic and has me even ramped up more. I didn’t think this way a year ago but now i’m starting to feel like ‘Civil War’ could be the biggest MCU film yet, even bigger than the previous ‘Avengers’ films, now of course the ‘Infinity War’ films could definitely go beyond everything. I think it’s safe to say you can add Spider-Man to Iron Man’s squad and Scarlet Witch to Cap’s.

  • I definitely agree. I still say the Civil War announcement took some steam out of the excitement for Age of Ultron.

    SW is down at the bottom on Cap’s side. Catch Ant-Man on Cap’s shoulder? I am curious as to Spidey’s role.

  • fred

    You’re probably right about ‘Civil War’ taking some steam out of AOU because it’s been much more talk about Civil War than AOU, even going into it’s release. Ultron was certainly big, but I don’t think the anticipation for him or his impact will bring nowhere near the buzz that Civil War or Infinity War will bring. You don’t mean Sharon Carter do you, because that’s the woman in the pic. I did notice Ant-Man on Cap’s shoulder.

  • Where are you seeing the Witch? I think you might be mistaking Agent 13/Sharon Carter for her. She’s the one in the back. There’s two more pics of the factions individually where you can see her better. IGN has them up here:

  • keith

    yeah they should saved the Civil War talk. its hard not to call this Avengers 2,5 or hell Avengers 3 and im completely fan with that as a marvel fan lol. We can get all the tyler perrry movies, all the crappy gross humor movies, but marvel fans get a continous set of movies and every one loses their mind.( for the haters anyway). Well they put in the work and established a universe unlike DC who just doing the oh so 90s corny shock and awe approach. Yet they still cant even touch daredevil’s part of the MCU. Im just glad i didnt have to be an old man to see these things come to life. Plus the civil war story got me back into the comics off and on. Now im so shamed to want to go to a comic store. I even bought 2 of the secret war books ( still rather read for free but barnes and noble took that away lol) all this to say is i feel like i have invested in some good fiction reading off and on again since civil war.

  • Ah you’re right, I just assumed SW was the other female. Sharon definitely will be having a big presence then. Interesting.

  • Yep. Thanks Barry!

  • What I want to know is what is that bird/plane looking thing on Cap’s side in both of the pics of his team?

  • Actually, looking at that bird thing again, I notice it’s over Falcon’s shoulder in both pics. Could it be the MCU version of Redwing?

  • Just about to respond back to your first comment. Yep, definitely looks like Redwing. One of the few things I saw was Redwing is a drone in this. Nice to see him in MCU although a full on purple Hawkeye has me thinking I’ll be adding a second one to my collection.