WWE has a new racist Diva who makes the Hogan scandal look tame

In the midst of the Hulk Hogan N-word scandal, one of the things that stood out to me was how quick the WWE was to disown him and want nothing to do with him for statements he made (in private mind you) eight years ago.

Hogan was fired and for all intents and purposes, has been wiped from WWE history. It was a suspiciously thorough scorched Earth approach considering Hogan’s longtime status as a goodwill ambassador and a guy who’s been the man most associated with the WWE.

This was the WWE’s statement in terminating Hogan’s contract:

Zahra-Schreiber“WWE terminated its contract with Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan). WWE is committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds as demonstrated by the diversity of our employees, performers and fans worldwide.”

That statement probably should apply to Zahra Schreiber as well. The newest NXT Diva is now coming under social media fire for public statements and images she posted (and recently deleted) on her Instagram … and it wasn’t eight years ago.

Schreiber responded to some comments with some less than PC comments about Tiana, the main character in “The Princess and the Frog.”Zahra-Schreiber’s-Deleted-Instagram-Posts

Zahra-Schreiber’s-Deleted-Instagram-Posts 2

Far more damning though are the Nazi imagery posts including a My Little Pony with a Hitler mustache. Zahra Schreiber Instagram Photos4Zahra Schreiber Instagram Photos3Schreiber is dating current WWE Champion Seth Rollins so it’ll be very interesting to see what if anything WWE does in this case because if Hulk freaking Hogan can get fired for private statements, WWE definitely has to follow its own precedent by firing Schreiber.

Update: WWE released the following statement showing it clearly knows what’s best for business.

“WWE has released Zahra Schreiber due to inappropriate and offensive remarks she made that were recently brought to our attention.”

Can’t knock them for the swiftness of this action and I commend WWE for giving a paycheck to one less person with amazingly oblivious insensitive and racist viewpoints.

  • 49erfan

    Racism is sad. Why give a racist person a post to draw more attention to their hatred?

  • keith

    Oh NO. Give them ALL THE attention. Let what whatever happens happens. And jeff this isnt a shot at you. I DONT CARE if the statements are private or 8 years ago. too many racists planned, plotted, killed, in secret, and darkness over the years. Lets not forget the bigger picture. Hogan had clout. who knows how his attitude towards other could have impacted careers??? so i shed no tears or give no F**ks about his career at this point. This lady ( use the term loosely) Should get the scorched earth treatmeat. This is blatant racism for no random reason. Nazi images?? the hell with her

  • A few reasons.
    1. Making it to the WWE is like winning the lottery for thousands of folks who’ve dreamed of competing in Wrestlemania. Probably a lot of whom don’t in any way appear to endorse Hitler. Just like any job that does a background check there’s certain things that should disqualify you from a job. This is one of those.

    Freedom of speech is one thing, but for a company that prides itself on its diversity and anti-bullying having someone post that kind of imagery is bad for business. Any attention to this for WWE is bad for business and this post is more a public service announcement.
    This kind of idiocy needs to be exposed before some young Jewish girl follows her for years and learns her childhood hero approves/supports Nazis.

  • I understand your point totally man. Hogan is at least apologetic for getting caught/found out. This chick doesn’t deserve to be in the WWE for this crap.

  • This is crazy. Real curious to see what comes of it.

  • keith

    applause applause

  • 49erfan

    Your response to my question I believe shows more of your thoughts more than seeing all those hateful post she had on Instagram and any other social media site. What can be done to take a stand to get someone like this off the air? Don’t get me wrong it’s upsetting and ignorant statements like the ones on social media are unfortunate. I guess exposing the ignorance is showing you are against this. I guess I’m just tired of seeing ignorance repeated – racism to me doesn’t need a prominent place to get read over and over. Pretty faces can say ugly hateful things.

  • On your follow-up, contact the ADL http://www.adl.org/ and the WWE corporate sponsors, who I’m sure won’t be ecstatic to see this.

  • Anonymous

    I agree 100% There are consequences from our actions (good and bad). She shouldn’t be allowed to work there for this type of behavior. The WWE is followed by people of all races, colors, creeds, sexual orientation, etc…I (and I am sure many others) am offended by her comments. She can take that “it’s my private account I can say whatever I want” talk somewhere else. In Corporate America, your private statements that go public isn’t good for business. WWE needs to cut its ties with her. Maybe the Nazis have backyard wrestling and she can go work there.

  • Exactly. Working at the WWE is the pinnacle for all aspiring wrestlers. They just wrapped up Tough Enough and I’m sure there’s more than a few qualified Divas-in-training ready to take her spot.

  • fred

    Even though what I thought Hulk Hogan said was ignorant, I didn’t get all up in arms about it because it was said in the privacy of his own home and I think we’ve all probably said things in the privacy of our own homes at one time or another that we would never say in public. I thought it was a little overreaction to Hulk’s comments personally, but that’s the price you could pay if your comments reach the social media. But this woman, she just flat out posted her comments and images on Instagram for the whole world to see. And yes he does have the right to say what she wants to say and show what she wants to show, but she better know there are consequences to pay when you say things and show images like this, and she will pay the price for it. Hey people feel how they feel, I just don’t get a celebrity doing things like this when you’re in the public spotlight and you know it can damage your career and image permanently, man I just don’t get it. But I guess some folks are truly bold haha.

  • Fred you summed it up perfectly my friend. You cue up the song you’ve gotta be prepared to face the music.