Gotham figures series 2

One of the biggest hits of last season was “Gotham,” a show that looked at Gotham City before the arrival of Batman.

It’s consistency was pretty shaky throughout its initial season, but Diamond Select sees the potential in the series’ long-term prospects and is cranking out 7″ figures featuring the show’s main characters.  Here’s a look at series 2 featuring Alfred, Edward Nygma and Harvey Bullock.

Each 7-inch action figure includes a diorama piece, and some include character-appropriate accessories. In the GCPD precinct, forensic investigator Edward Nygma comes with a mug and desk. Gotham figures - Edward Nygma

Detective Harvey Bullock comes with his hat, gun, dumpster and a section of alleyway — connect it to Jim Gordon’s alley to expand the crime scene! Gotham figures -Harvey Bullock

From Wayne Manor, Alfred comes with the mansion’s fireplace mantel. Gotham figures - Alfred

  • Matt

    I’ve been able to enjoy the show for what it is & I’m looking forward to the figures. I hope series comes out soon. lol

  • I wonder who would be in series 3?

  • Matt

    Yeah, that would be an interesting series. I guess a young Bruce Wayne would be in it.