Hot Toys Star Wars Force Awakens debuts First Order Snowtroopers

My absolute favorite Stormtrooper variant is without a doubt the Snowtrooper. I loved the helmet design and the white skirts that made them look more like Darth Vader’s soldiers than the standard outfit.

So I was geeked out to learn Star Wars: Force Awakens is going to feature Snowtroopers. Hot Toys wants in on the fun and has announced a new army-building set:

Following the official introduction of the first wave of Hot Toys’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens collectible figures featuring the enigmatic Kylo Ren and the First Order Stormtroopers, we are excited to continue the unveil of the highly detailed collectibles based on this widely anticipated movie and present the new 1/6th scale First Order Snowtrooper collectible figure!

The latest generation of cold weather assault Snowtroopers is equipped with completely redesigned advanced insulated armor and helmets that can reduce the glare of icy terrain when carrying out the First Order’s missions in extreme climate.

The highly-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of First Order Snowtrooper in Star Wars: The Force Awakens featuring the freshly designed Snowtrooper helmet and armor, finely sculpted backpack, meticulously tailored coat and under-suit, detailed blaster rifle with extended stock, and a specially designed hexagonal figure stand with the First Order’s emblem!

Hot Toys Star Wars Force Attacks - First Order Snowtrooper set -collageContinue to expand your First Order army with the new First Order Snowtrooper today!

  • Barry Murray

    Star Wars: Force Attacks? Is that the name of the second new movie?

  • Think my daylong migraine finally got to me. Thanks!

  • Barry Murray

    Now i feel like an idiot. I was thinking they were debuting the new name…(It seemed like a perfect segue that the second new movie would have snow troopers in it…). Doh!
    Forgive my stupidity my friend.
    I have been playing an Xbox game all day and my brain is frazzled…

  • That would be cool though?
    Nothing to forgive. I need the help every so often! Which game are you playing?

  • Barry Murray

    Destiny: The Taken King. I need help! It’s like crack cocaine for gamers. I am hooked!

  • That sounded like it’d be fun. Eventually I’m getting a PS4, but my buddy has an XBox One and swears by it.

  • Barry Murray

    There are likely arguments for both. I got an Xbox One for The Halo Master Chief Chronicles.
    But you can get Destiny for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
    The thing is that you can only play online with players on the same console.
    It’s good no matter what machine you use though, although it becomes very addictive.

  • That’s cool. Destiny looks like it would be a lot of fun so I was looking at that one. Glad to hear the sequel is as engaging!

  • Barry Murray

    It’s an open world game. The sequel adds new levels but still contains at it’s core the “old” game and levels. You can replay it endlessly, grinding away for more, better, gear and weapons. You get “money” for your troubles and can use that to buy new gear and such like. Each day, the game gives you “bounties” that can level up your character, and by going to levels and missions you “already completed”, you can get high XP boosts and level up even further.
    But it does become a bit of a grind.
    I’m not putting it down, but people who play it do get hooked.

  • Yep definitely sounds right up my alley!

  • Barry Murray

    It will take over your life!!!

  • LOL. It sounds like it! It just came out Tuesday, right?

  • Barry Murray

    The Taken King did. But Destiny was launched one year and two weeks ago(This coming tuesday). It’s an online-based first person shooter that is quest based and has loot drops when fighting enemies. Fairly simple, but has a complex backstory that rivals many other scifi franchises.

  • It sounds like it’d be pretty fun to tackle for a few weeks. Have to make it one of those I grab right away when I upgrade.

  • Barry Murray

    It can’t be picked up and put down, lol. I started playing it about four months back. I had to force myself not to play today. But it’s tough… ^_^