Sanaa Lathan celebrates her 44th birthday

Sanaa Lathan turned 44 today. I figure we need to let that sit in because she still somehow looks at least 15 years younger.

You can catch Lathan in “The Perfect Guy,” the reigning top movie of the week while next year she’ll be starring in “The Best Man Wedding” and “Now You See Me: The Second Act.”

  • Barry Murray

    Hard to believe she’s that old. 44 isn’t old, but she definitely looks younger. She hasn’t aged a day since the movie that started the comic book resurgence, Blade, so perhaps she is a vampire after all?

  • 😉
    You’re right. Maybe that’s her secret?

  • Barry Murray

    Whatever her secret, she’s still as hot as she was when Blade came out. So good luck to her.

  • keith

    She was in blade? And yep she Is f.a.f. lol

  • Barry Murray

    She played Blade’s Mum.