Gotham star Jessica Lucas turns 30

Jessica Lucas is quietly one of the hottest women in Hollywood. This is not up for debate.

The “Cloverfield” star will be dramatically raising the attractive bar on “Gotham” as she’ll be playing a major role this season as the mysterious Tabitha Galavan. If you were on the fence about getting back with “Gotham,” maybe these pics will help change your mind.

Jessica Lucas - gif

  • keith

    🙂 thanks jeff

  • keith

    in shape and fine.. gotdamn. Im shocked she wasnt scooped up to be on one of those cw shows the way they stack the deck

  • Yeah man, she is MAJOR!

  • keith

    random.. I think i came up with a “blerd” triology

  • keith

    you ever seen a movie called I think im done with white girls,( before the word blerd was used), dear white people, and Dope. I think those movies should be sold together in a walmart been lol. Or maybe thats a list post for another day lol. I really want you to check out those movies if you havent seen them

  • Haven’t seen that one. I’ll get on that trilogy for you soon! 😉

  • She is amazing. Undoubtedly will be one more reason for me can attend.