Agents of SHIELD recap S3,E3 – A Wanted (Inhu)Man

Three episodes in to Season 3 and there’s a lot to like about this season. It’s not perfect yet, but this episode reinforced that AOS is doing a much better job of balancing the spy, superhero and character moments that are making this a weekly standout.

Lincoln is still playing the poor man’s Inhuman Fugitive as he tries to avoid getting caught by Rosalind’s ATCU.  Last season, Lincoln was the calm, reassuring presence to help Daisy learn control of her powers. Now Lincoln is running scared and generally acting pretty dumb for someone who previously came across as so grounded.

Since the Inhumans apparently never watched movies or any TV shows, Lincoln has little clue as to how to actually avoid detection especially with his face plastered all over every form of media. For starters, a dye job and shaving that Don Johnson Miami Vice homage beard would do wonders. I get that Lincoln’s the show’s resident heartthrob, but it’s kinda silly that he’s not changing his look at all.

CLARK GREGG, CHLOE BENNET, HENRY SIMMONSWith Lincoln being America’s Most Dangerous Fugitive, Mack and Coulson want to bring him in via the tracker Mack placed on him during their last encounter. Daisy calls/warns him, further panicking Lincoln so he calls the last person he can trust his AA sponsor, John.

Beyond making Lincoln an island to himself, there seemed little point in him not telling John the whole deal about him being this subculture somewhat alien race.  Presumably they had a tight bond — tight enough that John was willing to sell Lincoln his car — so offering that news instead of John learning it on the news and rightfully freaking out wouldn’t have occurred.

Terrified of what Lincoln will do triggers a heart attack for poor John and not even Lincoln’s cool use of his powers to jump start his heart can resuscitate him. Remember kids, if movies/TV teaches you anything, helping others will get you killed. Before he died, John contacted the ATCU hotline and Rosalind’s goons are en route.

While Daisy and Mack try to beat the ATCU, Coulson meets with Rosalind on a pier. So far these scenes between Clark Gregg and Constance Zimmer have been episode highlights as their light verbal sparring comes so easily.

Coulson thinks Rosalind has a card she hasn’t played yet. Rosalind has hospital footage from the incident with Lincoln and the cameras also caught Daisy using her powers. Either Coulson lets the ATCU take Lincoln to show some major results or they bring in Daisy.

Daisy finds Lincoln first and pleads with him to come with her and SHIELD. He still doesn’t trust SHIELD, but will go with Daisy and they share a passionate kiss. Since Lincoln’s introduction this has been a foregone conclusion, but it felt way too soon.

And maybe I’m just concerned that tacking on a new romantic interest weakens Daisy’s character and once again makes her primary focus revolve around a guy. First her father, then Ward and now Lincoln.

Mack, who’d been listening to the convo to make sure Daisy was safe, walks in with the ATCU saying Coulson’s orders are to send Lincoln with them. Lincoln easily fights them off and flees and Mack and Daisy have a standoff with the ATCU until Coulson strikes another deal. HENRY SIMMONS, CHLOE BENNET

Coulson will now act as a consultant to help Rosalind out as needed. Coulson’s logic that he’s tired of fighting against one entity after another to prove they’re the good guys actually makes a lot of sense. Daisy thanks Mack for not telling Coulson about her romantic feelings toward Lincoln and they unwind playing some video games. As much as I loved the Skye/Tripp dynamic, I’m starting to really enjoy these scenes with Daisy and Mack.

In Massachusetts, Hunter and May are continuing their Hydra Hunt tracking down a possible lead with one of Hunter’s arm dealer contacts. Before they talk shop though, they’ve got to drink just as May complains deciphering their accents was hard enough when they’re sober. The drunk subtitles was pretty funny.

The gist is Hunter has to prove his worth in a fight. Sadly, no Tyler Durden sightings tonight. In a brief calm before the battle moment, Hunter makes small talk with May about her leaving Andrew when she corrects him and says Andrew left her. That’s not gonna do wonders for May’s overall cheery mood. DANIEL FEUERRIEGEL, NICK BLOOD

At Fight Club, Hunter ends up fighting his ‘friend,’ who apparently has been waiting for a chance to punch Hunter’s smug face. He does a pretty good job of it until Hunter goes into his tights pants and pulls out some brass knuckles and wales away on his former friend until he kills him. That’s a way to get an introduction to Hydra.

By episode’s end, Hunter gets to meet Ward’s No. 1 man Kebo and just to reinforce he’s on the right track, the Hydra logo is helpfully painted on a wall. I’m still not clear on Hunter’s end game though. Clearly, Ward knows both him and May so it’s not like Hunter can casually get an introduction and kill him.


Back at Shield HQ, Fitz is trying to speed up Simmons’ recovery process despite her clearly freaking out over every small sound in the lab.

You’d think after spending most of Season 2 a skittish mess, Fitz would be more understanding of her position.

The writers definitely seem fine giving Fitz/Simmons the Ross and Rachel treatment. When one’s ready, the other is nearly comatose. Not to worry though, he’s her lobster!

Opting for a less stressful environment, Fitz takes Simmons out to a fancy restaurant. I get that we’re supposed to think this is all so sweet, but Fitz is more annoying for not giving her some space to get acclimated before acting like everything is back to normal. Simmons gets so freaked out over this intimate moment that she has a meltdown. Later, Simmons tells Bobbi she needs to reassemble the monolith in order to return to the other world.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Anytime Coulson and Rosalind come face to face it’s proven to be episode gold and this was no exception. The manhunt was fun and Daisy and Mack as Coulson’s main strike force is providing some excellent character dynamics. The only aspect that held it back was Fitz immediately going into date mode with the clearly still shaken Simmons.

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  • sloanebradbury

    We viewed the episode a little differently. I found Coulson to be rather scummy for selling Lincoln out for Daisy. Why couldn’t he have made the offer to help Rosalind when she was gunning for Lincoln? However, I do love Rosalind/Coulson scenes, so I’m happy it looks like there will be more.

    I agree with disliking Daisy/Lincoln. They have little chemistry and the timing of their kiss was so off. I also don’t understand why she needs to have a love interest rite away. I’d rather something organic develop instead of this forced nonsense. Also, Lincoln’s manpain is tedious. I’m with you on not believing Lincoln wouldn’t tell John his secret. It’s lazy writing. (FYI – Grant is evil, but he’s still the resident heartthrob in my book. Lincoln is cute but indistinguishable for every other white boy on tv. His character is so generic and boring.)

    The entire ‘get Ward’ storyline is absurd. It’s so contrived and ill conceived I’m surprised May has anything to do with it. Why go the long-con route with somebody as smart as Ward? The only way to get him is to get in fast and get out when he least expects it. There’s zero percent chance this works. Also, they never explained why Hunter’s friend suddenly decided he hated him. It was so random. They could have had this exact scenario with May/Hunter trying to infiltrate a group that does business with award,miso they could get close to him without tipping him off. Lazy writing!

    My only big disagreement with you is about Fitzsimmonss. Fitz has been very focused on Simmons’ needs. When she said she needed to leave the lab he took her right back to her room. He kept checking in with her to make sure she wasn’t overwhelmed. Bobbi was the one who told him to give Jemma something to look forward to. This is the reason he took her to the restaurant, it wasn’t meant to be a romantic overture. It might be annoying that he’s trying so hard and making poor choices, but his intentions are good and focused on her needs, not his. The way you describe it makes it sound like he’s some quasi-predator, trying to get her into bed when she’s half-alive. He’d probably vow never to touch her again if he knew that would make her better.

    I’m waiting impatiently for Joey to return and for Mack/Daisy to start training the recruits. I’m also hoping for a Joey/Mack romance, which would really challenge a lot of Mack’s fears about powered people. Idk if Mack’s going to be gay on the show, but he’s always been a gay character in my head canon, especially after his meltdown after Tim (the engineer co-worker he tried to give his life for) was killed by Hydra on Gonzales’s boat.

  • Sorry for not responding earlier. Got caught in the spam filter.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s cool seeing we agreed and disagreed on a few things.

    As far as Fitz, I definitely didn’t see him as preying on Simmons, but doting on her so much because he wants her back to “normal” where they can finally get past the friend zone and be together.

    Coulson doesn’t have any loyalty to Lincoln and if it came down to Lincoln or Daisy, he definitely wasn’t gonna lose any sleep handing him over to Rosalind. He indicated as much that he’s getting tired of the conflicts with organizations that stop SHIELD from helping and Lincoln has repeatedly refused their aid so I was fine with that.

    I really hate teammate relationships as it bogs them down to just one character instead of interacting with all of the team. I like the direction they have with Mack now and don’t want to see him with anyone since he’s in Coulson’s inner circle with Daisy.