NYCC’15: nWo Dennis Rodman, Mike Tyson and Tony Jaa figures

Storm Collectibles rocked the Javits Center this past weekend at the New York Comic Con 2015 with their display of some major pop icons and its upcoming Mortal Kombat line.

Storm Collectibles is putting out some very high quality, 12″ figures that look to rival Hot Toys for options for premium figure options.

Storm Collectibles - Iron Mike Tyson USA versionThe Mike Tyson figures are pretty spectacular. If I cared about boxing just a little more, I’d probably be all over this and if Storm Collectibles makes a Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard figure, I may have to track this one down.

Mike Tyson won gold medals at the 1981 and 1982 Junior Olympic Games and holds the Junior Olympic record for quickest knockout (8 seconds). Tyson also won every bout at the Junior Olympic Games by knockout. This figure features Mike Tyson’s outfit as he wore it at the games and he comes with a variety of accessories to recreate all of his iconic moments.

For wrestling fans like me, definitely one of the highlights was the Dennis Rodman Bad Boy Special Edition 1/6th Figure (150pcs only) complete with a shirt Rodman rocked during his second stint with the nWo while teaming with “Hollywood” Hogan. Making it even more valuable, the figure will be the last and very limited Rodman edition from Storm sold in different exhibitions over the world.

Martial art aficionados will likely be all over this Tony Jaa figure from Ong Bak.

You can order the Tony Jaa Ong Bak figure from Big Bad Toy Store

On the Mortal Kombat front, on display were mortal rivals Sub-Zero and Scorpion and the very impressive Goro. No details were available in terms of when they’ll be available for purchase, but Storm Collectibles posted on Facebook that the figures are only 50% finished. Geesh, 100% is going to be really impressive then!

  • I’m not an action figure guy, but I must admit these look amazing.

  • fred

    I am planning on getting Tyson for sure. I had both Tyson and Rodman on PO at Big BadToys Store but I had to cancel them because of my Hot Toys incoming at the moment lol. I still want Rodman as well and Tony Jaa.

  • Man, I had a rack of Hot Toys coming in as well from Chewie and Han and Obi-Wan and finally finding a non-bank breaking deal on 1st Avengers Hawkeye (yipee!)

  • fred

    Man please don’t mention Han to me haha. I put myself on Sideshow’s wait list for the Han Solo exclusive a few weeks ago and one became available for me last week and a live order, unfortunately i’ll probably have to cancel it Monday because I don’t have the money to spend for it right now. I owe a friend of mine for Hawkeye and Black Widow(which i’m going to pick up today) money for them, he’s been real cool and never asks me for the money, he just says when I have some money I can bring it to him. As much as I would love to get this Han Solo figure, I just don’t feel right not paying this man some money which i’m going to do on Tuesday. Sideshow will give me a little extra time, but I don’t think they’re going to give me the time I need, but i’m going to ask anyway Monday before I decide if I have to cancel my order or not. Plus I want to preorder Thano and the Mark 9/Pepper Potts exclusive set. I’m also waiting for my Rewards money to arrive from Mark 43 and Mark 7 Stealth exclusives so I can use my Rewards Points on the ’85 Delorean time machine which is expensive as you know. When those points come in that will push my Rewards up to close to $460 which will leave the Delorean costing me less than $300, a big difference to $750 dollars lol.

  • That’s a huge savings on the Delorean! Definitely a good way to go. I’m not sure if I want this Thanos or if I want to wait on the inevitable Infinity Wars version.

  • fred

    It definitely is a big savings point, they’ve actually moved the release date of the Delorean up from Feb-March to Nov-Dec, so i’m forced to get a move on it soon dammit haha. I felt the same way about Thanos that you do which is the reason I have not preordered it to this point, but I love that classic light up rocket chair throne that comes with him and you just know the next Thanos figure will not have that accessory. But at the same time the next Thanos will actually have the Infinity Gauntlet, if I do decide to get this upcoming Thanos I will end up getting the next one with the Infinity Gauntlet as well. Jeff did you get either the Mark 3, Mark 43 or Mark 7 stealth exclusives?

  • Yikes. That’s a significant bump especially for such a pricey item. In my still growing experience, I’ve just seen items pushed back a month or so, which is fine.

    That throne is pretty cool, but I don’t know where I’d place it. Guess I’m hoping to get it separately and get the Infinity War Thanos.

    As far as Iron Man, I’m looking at the Mark 43. Like the color difference more than the Mark 44, even though it looks like that will be used in Civil War.

  • fred

    Actually the infamous and extremely powerful ‘Bleeding Armor’ is what we’re going to be seeing in ‘Civil War’. I sold the Mark 42 a while back as well as the Iron Patriot but i’m making up for them with the Mark 43(which i’m loving) and War Machine 2.0 from AOU which i’ll have soon. I’m still waiting to see if i’ll get Thanos, it depends on how things play out with my other pieces I want. I should have my Rewards Points money in for my Mark 7 stealth and Mark 43 in 2 weeks or so, i’m hoping to preorder the 85 Delorean between the 20th-25th of November. Are you getting the Pepper Potts/Mark 9 set and did you preorder Maria Hill?

  • I’m behind on my reviews (a lot) and need to get on War Machine 2.0.
    I did pre-order Maria, but I don’t care about Pepper enough to get her.

  • fred

    Lol what, no love for Pepper bro. In all honesty we not see her character again in the MCU, I think she’s a an okay character though because she has come off in the movies at least as much more than your common damsel in distress chick, so i’ll give credit for being a fairly strong female character on the screen. I’ve sold a few too many of my Iron Man characters over the past few years and i’m trying to make up for it some, love those armors my man, what can I say haha. I can’t wait to see your review on War Machine 2.0, I saw it in my friend’s shop yesterday and it looks pretty damn sweet. Since I sold both my original War Machine and Iron Patriot this one is an absolute must have for me. I have a feeling this Maria Hill we’re getting will be the only one Hot Toy makes and I definitely don’t want to be outside looking in after she sales out. I’m still on the Wait List for AOU Cap and I have a feeling I might have to end up getting later on Ebay for a higher price.

  • Yikes! Cap, has shot up on eBay now.
    I’m hoping to knock it out some time next week, but got a couple of new movies and the usual run of recaps coming up. Maybe I’ll make some progress Monday?

  • fred

    Jeff at least you got AOU Cap you lucky son of a gun haha. I underestimated him and tried to preorder him too late, a mistake i’m no paying for as I hope one becomes available for me on Sideshow’s wait list. Yep, fall movie season is strongly upon us now.