Hot Toys teases Stan Lee figure for collectible line

The linchpin of every Marvel movie finally gets the 12″ figure treatment from the company that does Marvel Cinematic Universe figures like no other.

Hey True Believers, we got a backstage sneak peek to share with you all today of a very exciting project we have been working on!

Fans of Stan “The Man” Lee get ready for the debut of the highly detailed official 1/6th scale collectible figure of this legend very soon!

Hot Toys Stan Lee figure

Of all the behind the scenes creators for Hot Toys to make, this is the most sensible based on Lee’s roles in the films. Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and other Marvel creators would be neat additions, but Stan Lee is “The Man” for most Marvel fans.

I’m very curious as to Stan’s attire and if there’s the possibility of it being based on one of his many alter egos from his movie cameos. Which would you like to see for Stan’s figure attire?

  • fred

    Stan ‘The Man’ Lee, definitely a fitting tribute to an icon that deserves it. Like you said Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko would complete the iconic trio.

  • The only holdup I’m seeing is Hot Toys are expensive for a nice, but not necessarily essential purchase. Stan at least has been in the movies, but I’m wondering how many die-hard fans would pony up the money for Kirby and Ditko.

  • fred

    Lol you’re very right about that Jeff. Even though Kirby and Ditko have as much impact on the great Marvel creations as Lee does, the common movie audiences don’t really know who they are. Sure those that watch the after credit scenes might see their names pop up on the screen if they pay enough attention, but movie audiences KNOW who Stan Lee is and it’s become such a tradition for Stan Lee to cameo in MCU films that if he’s not noticed, movie audiences will even notice it. In fact the only MCU Lee has not had a cameo in was GOTG which makes sense since that’s one of the very rare set of MCU characters Lee had no hand in creating. I think this Stan Lee figure will be a hit among collectors.

  • Lee actually did show up in Guardians. Rocket made fun of the old geezer in the scene when they’re all fighting for the orb.

  • fred

    Okay I forgot about that scene, you’re right. I do remember Marvel saying that Stan Lee would not have in appearance in an MCU for the first time, but obviously they changed their minds there.

  • I’m glad. I look forward to his cameos in all the Marvel films.

  • fred

    So do I my friend, so do I. I’m really looking forward to seeing Stan Lee’s cameo in Black Panther because he’s been lobbying for decades to see him on the big screen and I always remember Stan Lee talking about how BP is one of his creations he’s most proud of. The only cameo that would be better than Stan Lee in Black Panther would be a cameo of both him and the late great Jack Kirby having a cameo together in the film, sigh too bad we can’t see that. I know other great writers like Reginald Hudlin have come in and created great BP stories, but without Lee and Kirby there would be no great Black Panther stories to write or improve on for that matter.

  • I’m with you man. I really am looking forward to next year to see Panther in action!

  • fred

    So many of are indeed looking forward to seeing T’Challa finally grace the big screen, you already know how excited I am about it.

  • I can tell you already the second that Hot Toys figure goes up for pre-order, I’m getting it.

  • fred

    Man I will be all over that baby preordering when it becomes available. Hopefully in his solo film Black Panther will have some scenes where he wears his ceremonial cape, i’ll get a Hot Toys of that in a minute as well.

  • I’d love to see an MCU take on his Marvel Knights outfit with the gold accents and cape. Make for an easy solo film costume.

  • fred

    Right, i’m pretty sure we’ll see BP wear his cape in his solo film. It’s just too bad Marvel made Thor wearing his helmet look like a ceremonial thing too which it certainly is not.