James Bond – building the perfect 007 action figure line

Money. A Lotta Money. As in a lot being left on the table with the 007 license holders not partnering up with some toy company to give modern figure collectors a new obsession.

With over 25 films, some of the most memorable characters in cinematic history and tons of variant options, the 007 license is a goldmine that someone seriously needs to start tapping into for the 6″ market. Exclusive Premiere cranked out a Bond line for awhile, but considering sculpting and advances in articulation, it’s time for someone to take a new crack at it.

For my four figure wave lineup, I stuck to the formula of a Bond, a Bond Babe, a main villain and a henchman from various 007 films. Here’s how I’d roll the line out:

Wave 1

Dr. No Sean Connery as James BondJames Bond (Sean Connery from “Dr. No“) – The original 007 has to be the first in the lineup. And there’s no better way to kickoff Bond in the line than in a tux with his Walther PPK and a martini … you know the rest.

the_man_with_the_golden_gun_- Scaramanga and Nick NackScaramanga (Christopher Lee from “The Man With the Golden Gun“) – Lee significantly raised the quality of this Bond film as the expert marksman that never missed.

Scaramanga would come with his golden gun and a bonus Nick Nack figure because no million dollar hit man should be without his manservant/henchman.

007 The-Spy-Who-Loved-Me-Bond vs JawsJaws (Richard Kiel from “The Spy Who Loved Me“) – The quintessential Bond henchman also has to show up in the initial wave. Typically, I loathe action features, but I’d be perfectly fine with a steel teeth chomping gimmick.

Domino -Claudine AugerDomino (Claudine Auger from “Thunderball“) – Oh sure, Honey Ryder would have been the obvious choice, but this Bond Babe actually rescued Bond for a change.

Plus, Auger wasn’t exactly a slouch in the looks department either.

She’d come with a harpoon gun and scuba gear.

Wave 2

Daniel CraigJames Bond (Daniel Craig from “Skyfall“) – The current 007 rightfully deserves next man up status. Give him that sharp grey suit from his confrontation with Silva and this will be be a smooth looking figure.

Goldeneye - Alec TrevelyanAlec Trevalayn (Sean Bean from “GoldenEye“) – 007’s former brother-in-arms got the Sideshow Collectibles treatment (James Bond 007 GoldenEye Exclusive Version 12″ Sean Bean Figure) but this time I want to see one that perfectly captures his facial scarring and cocky attitude.

Baron SamediBaron Samedi (Geoffrey Holder from “Live and Let Die“) – As far as henchman go, the dear Baron really didn’t do a whole lot besides looking cool, but man does he nail cool! Stack him with his cape, tarot cards and top hat and we’ll have one of the more distinct characters standing out on the display.

Tomorrow-Never-Dies-Bond and Wai LinWai Lin (Michelle Yeoh from “Tomorrow Never Dies“) – There’s few worthwhile figure options from TND, but the line absolutely should include Bond’s tail-kicking partner from Pierce Brosnan’s second outing. Wai Lin should come with a machine gun, throwing stars and a copy of Elliot Carver’s newspaper.

Wave 3

GoldenEye - Natalya and BondJames Bond (Pierce Brosnan from “GoldenEye”) – Put my favorite Bond in his spiffy suit he wore while escaping with Natalya, his machine gun and piton and I’ll be perfectly content.

Anya The Spy Who Loved MeMajor Anya Amasova (Barbara Bach from “The Spy Who Loved Me”) – Agent XXX is one of my favorite Bond Babes because not only was she smoking, but she was competent and hardly reliant on Bond.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Blofeld and James BondBlofeld (Telly Savalas from “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service“) – Donald Pleasence’s version just gets bumped here for Savalas’ take since this is a more physical incarnation. Pack him with ski jacket and skies and we’ve got our first villain variant.

Goldfinger (1964)Oddjob (Harold Sakata from “Goldfinger“) Right up there with Jaws on the top tier of henchman. Clearly this figure needs a removable hat and decapitated bust for fun.

Wave 4

Live and Let Die - Jane Seymour and Roger MooreJames Bond (Roger Moore from “Live and Let Die”) The longest tenured Bond gets a bum rap, but he was responsible for some fun moments and really deserves more appreciation.

Licence to Kill - Q and BondQ (Desmond Llewelyn from pick one) Bond’s gadget guy has to get a figure by the fourth wave and he should come with as many accessories as can be crammed in the packaging.

Goldfinger GoldfingerAuric Goldfinger (Gert Frobe from “Goldfinger”) One of the few titular villains in the Bond mythos, Goldfinger is responsible for arguably the most iconic line in the entire series. But how can we not get the figure in his swank golf outfit?

GoldenEye - Xenia OnatoppXenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen from “GoldenEye”) My favorite Bond henchwoman is hot, dangerous and a crazy killer. Give her a knife, machine gun and a rappelling rope.

  • Alan

    Pretty good idea for the rollout of a James Bond toy line. I would definitely want the Pierce Brosnan James Bond, Jaws, Baron Samedi, and the Bond girls (if sculpting depicted the likenesses well). I’m not sure a Bond collection would be complete without some spy-worthy tricked out vehicle sets to display with the character figures.

    One cool thing about toys is that they can be used in re-imagined settings coupled with other toy lines, and most of these characters would be able to do that fairly well. But the use of others would mostly be confined to such displays as normal folks who need to be saved from crumbling buildings during an earthquake or stampeding dinosaurs or some such catastrophe by various superhero figures from other lines. For the action figures I have that have come in business suits, or suit-type outfits, they tend to be the blandest looking action figures of my collection (Raj Al Ghul, Tony Stark, Lex Luthor, etc.). So I guess the suit wearing characters of this Bond line could get re-imagined as business competitors at some Wayne Foundation social function or something, but not a lot of appeal for play.
    I’m not a business genius, but it seems to me the best toylines (or the ones that sell well enough to continue for a decent length of time) are compatible enough with other collections that they will appeal to collectors from a diverse pool of interests.

  • Originally I wasn’t sure if an entire civilian line would work, but McFarlane Toys is doing some great things with its Walking Dead line. Granted, they’ve got zombies to toss in, but the bulk of the line are civilian characters.

    I definitely think putting them in a 6″ scale would help them draw in other collectors if just for some thug/damsels in distress characters.

  • Yeah me

    Pussy Galore!

    Pussy Galore!

    Oh, Honor Blackman. The looks, the voice!

    A villain, a Bond girl and she saved the day!

  • Good point. I needed to figure out a way to work her in the series.

  • Cedric

    I completely agree with your type of waves: 1 JB, 1 bad guy, 1 henchman and 1 Bond girl.
    For me, a scale of 6 inches would be perfect. I love working on NECA Terminator and Alien franchises.
    That list is only a suggestion.

    For wave 5:
    – Timothy Dalton (Living Daylight tuxedo)
    – Max Largo or Dr No (chase figure)
    – May Day
    – Octopussy

    and for the wave 6
    – George Lazenby
    – Hugo Drax
    – Zao
    – Theresa Bond

    And anothers waves with same recipe could be made with a Bond figure wearing a special suits (Sean Connery diving suit, Roger Moore Monraker space outfit, Pierce Brosnan Royal Navy uniform…)
    Maybe each figure could includes a piece to build something (Thunderball jetpack for example)

    That wil be awesome !

  • Thanks Cedric! NECA would be a great company to handle this.

    I dig your Wave 5 and 6 as well. And Bond variants would definitely keep the interest up as well. The BAF jetpack sounds perfect!

  • Awesome idea and some great waves. I’d suggest extending it to six figures per wave though so we can get an extra villain/henchperson per wave seeing as there’s a lot more of them than there are individual Bonds, plus one ‘support’ person – Q would fit into that category, but we also need an M or two, not to mention Moneypenny, Felix, Tanner, etc. And for my money, the first Bond variant should be Connery in the white tux 🙂

    As much as I’d love Neca to do it, that would mean 7 inch scale rather than 6 inch – do we want Bond to integrate with our Alien and Terminator figures or our Marvel Legends which would probably mean Funko Legacy? Neca stays the preference for me, though I have to say Character Options 5 inch does an excellent job with likenesses on Doctor Who, so I’d throw them in there as a contender too, especially if it made it more possible to get vehicles… (DB5, anyone?)

  • Thanks Sledgehama!

    I don’t collect the Dr. Who figures, but just from seeing them on the stands, Character Options 5 is doing some tremendous work with the likenesses.

    I’d be fine with them or NECA getting a crack at them.

  • Ben

    Great idea. Although I would replace Telly Savalas with Donald Pleasance.

  • Thanks. Can’t go wrong with either of those two. 🙂