Basketball And BS podcast is taking it to the rim

My man, Keith Cooper, and some of his pals have set up a basketball podcast to help get you ready for another exciting NBA season.

For those of us like me whose NFL team has all but forfeited the season, it’s long past time to start getting hyped for basketball.

Keith shared a little info on it:

The purpose of the Basketball And BS podcast and upcoming blog is to come together as a group of regular guys and share our love and knowledge of the game amongst each other and everyone so inclined to listen and read. We also felt that there was a void of smart, detailed NBA coverage in our hometown and residence of Baton Rouge. Which is hard to get in a football obsessed town and state on your local media.

We are regular hard working HBCU grads who have a avid love for the game, our teams and different players. We want to share that we you all.

basketball and bsHere’s their Tumblr page:

And Facebook page:

Keith’s been a great supporter of Lyles Movie Files with his regular commentary on films and the TV show recaps so I definitely had to return the favor. If you get a chance, check them out and let ’em know LMF sent you.

  • fred

    Man I’ve been hyped for the NBA season since last June haha, the Warriors are just killing the league right now. Right now Golden State is looking like the Bulls looked in the 90’s, they look that dominant right now and seem to be on a mission to prove to the league and the world that last season was no fluke and they are here to stay for a while.

  • Thanks for the love Jeff

  • keith

    Here is our facebook group where we do all our day to day posting of scores, videos, yelling at each other lol. Its a public group so please join.

  • Yeah, they’re definitely making sure everyone who thought that was a one and done will regret it. Meanwhile, my Lakers are on a different path. 🙁

  • Of course man!

  • fred

    Yeah it’s a pretty tough time right now for the Lakers. Before 2013 the Warriors had only made it to the playoffs twice over the previous 20 seasons so I know misery my friend lol. It kills me when I see Clippers fans call the Lakers pathetic and I have to laugh and say have you seen those 15 championship banners that hang from the rafters at Staples, how many do the Clippers have hanging from there?

  • fred

    Hell Jeff I want the Warriors to get a little more taste of what the Lakers have and hopefully they’ll hang a few more banners from the rafters here over the next several years. But if your team does not have any championship banners hanging from the rafters than you really can’t say nothing about another team.

  • Man, Clippers and Raiders fans are killing me right now like they’ve been winning all these championships the last couple of seasons.

  • I don’t see who can beat them in a series at this point.

  • fred

    I’m a Raiders fan but it’s not that serious, make it the playoffs and do something first I say. They’re already down 7-0 to Minnesota at home so their work is cut out. But at least the Raiders do have 3 championships banners, even though it’s been a very long time since they won their last one lol.

  • fred

    I think San Antonio and a full Cleveland squad would have the best chance, but the way GS looks it’s hard even picturing those teams beating them 4 times in a series. The scary thing is Golden State looks better and even more focused than they we’re last year. I think some analysts and teams made a big mistake by dismissing GS as one year wonders that lucked out last year and won the title, I think they’re out to prove people wrong and kill teams along the way. Personally you don’t luck out and win 67 games and beat teams by more than 10 points a game, that’s not luck that’s dominance.

  • Very true. Considering how the season has played out, I’m shocked the Vikings got so thoroughly handled by us that first game.

  • I never understood how any team could be considered a one year wonder that wins more than 60 games and handled the playoffs so smoothly. The last thing the league needed was GS playing with a chip on its shoulder.

  • fred

    Yeah Jeff, I’ve never seen a team that won 60 plus games and an NBA championship be so disrespected. It’s not like GS just stumbled onto success all of a sudden in the postseason, the we’re the best team from November on and dominated the league like no team really had since the Bulls in the 90’s. Teams like the Clippers, Rockets and unbelieving analysts really disrespected the Dubs, look at Charles Barkley coming into this season, he still didn’t get the memo that GS was very good and going nowhere. As far as what teams GS didn’t face in the playoffs last year, it’s not their fault that teams like the Clippers blew a 3-1 lead against Houston and lost the series. Most sports analysts didn’t even pick GS to defend their title coming into this season, they either picked SA or OKC to come out the west, and the ones that picked GS to come out the west picked Cleveland to beat them in the Finals, showing them absolutely no respect. It’s that reason that GS might just run roughshod through the NBA this season and kill it on their way to a second straight title.

  • fred

    Yes Minnesota looked very good yesterday, they took it to the Raiders. Oakland had it’s chances but just couldn’t execute enough on the offensive end yesterday, but it’s still 7 games left and the wild card is well within reach for them.

  • I like your boys’ chances, especially with Manning ailing.

  • fred

    Well if the Raiders can just stop being a little up a down and a little more up for a minute they can make some noise lol. The Raiders have been bad for so many years lately and only won 3 games last year and they’ve already won 4 games this year with 7 more to go. Coming into this season I was hoping Oakland could win 6 games and just maybe with a couple breaks here and there win 7 games, and maybe win 9-10 games next year. It’s possible they could be a year ahead of the curve. Worse case scenario I see 7-8 wins, best case scenario 9-10 wins. And yes all of a sudden Denver is not as vaunting of a team as I thought they would be so who knows. If the Raiders can win their next 3 games against Detroit, Tennessee and KC and take 7-5 record into Denver who knows, that could put them in a great shape for a least a wild card spot and perhaps even better than that.

  • Completely agree. The West suddenly got wide open and the Raiders have a number of winnable games left. At this point, I’d be surprised if they didn’t get a wildcard.

  • fred

    Well i’ll hold you to that prediction my friend and keep my fingers crossed lol.