The Flash: Gorilla Warfare recap S2, Ep. 7

Only The Flash could have a “come down” episode featuring Gorilla Grodd, the debut of Gorilla City and the return of Reverse Flash?!?

While it may not have been the jam-packed action spectacle of Flash’s first confrontation with Zoom, this was yet another entertaining outing for the most consistent superhero show on TV.

After not just being whipped by Zoom, but getting paraded around like a chump, Barry’s road to recovery is just as much mental as it is physical. Thanks to his powers, Barry’s paralysis is only temporary, but he’s having much more difficulty shaking off the memory of his battle with Zoom.

Still, seeing Barry in a wheelchair and delicately using a cane was a nice touch to illustrate the consequences of facing a major threat.

But craziness in Central City won’t wait for Barry to get his mojo back as Gorilla Grodd returns using his telepathy to force scientists to hand over valued serums before killing them.

The increase to the show budget has been apparent all year with better speed effects, the quickie cameo by King Shark and Zoom, but Grodd being prominently featured without the use of trick camera angles and dark backdrops made apparent the show can handle any Flash villain straight up.

The Flash - Gorilla Warfare -Henry and BarryAgain I wonder what, if anything, The Flash movie is going to be able to accomplish that the show hasn’t already done besides adding a little more polish at the expense of better character development and family dynamic. To help Barry get out of his head, Iris calls in his father Henry. It was weird for Henry to immediately get out of town after getting released from prison, but I’m glad John Wesley Shipp isn’t so tied up he can’t return for an occasional cameo.

Grodd mentally locked into Caitlin, recalling she was kind to him, to get her help in making more gorillas like himself — a frequent Grodd scheme in the comics. With Barry still shelved, Wells agrees to suit up as Grodd’s only other human connection — Wells in his Reverse Flash outfit.

I wasn’t quite sure I liked Grodd still having some trace of kindness toward Caitlin and Wells, but I was definitely glad by episode’s end, Grodd was definitely on a full-on humankind hatred kick. It was a nice touch having Grodd sniff out Wells’ deception after he said “please,” something his father would never do. The Flash - Gorilla Warfare -Cisco and Wells

Wells suggests Team Flash send Grodd to Earth 2 where they have a gorilla sanctuary. With Flash finally shaking off his remaining doubts thanks to Henry’s encouragement, Grodd gets pushed through a portal. I like that the writers have kept Grodd away from Flash enough to be a threat, but not quite advanced enough to be the top tier Flash Rogue he will become.

This is no ordinary sanctuary though as it’s a full city complete with gorilla statues. Yep, this is definitely not going to backfire on Team Flash. Since Grodd is on Earth 2 in Gorilla City, I’m wondering/desperately fanboy hoping that it’s not King Solivar in charge, but the Ultra Humanite — Earth 2’s evil gorilla.

Cisco’s subplot with Kendra started and stopped this week somewhat annoyingly. Just as they arrive at the movies for their first date — I need to find the theater that’s playing The Princess Bride —  Kendra touches Cisco’s hand and he vibes an image of a person with wings. Bizarrely, Cisco freaks out and bails on the date.

That’d be OK if Cisco focuses on the meaning of his vision throughout the episode, but beyond questioning Caitlin if there have been reports of a winged man flying around, he doesn’t pursue it further. At the episode’s end, Kendra kisses Cisco and he vibes Kendra is the winged warrior. Thankfully, this time he sticks with the date.

It was an awkward let’s further the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow agenda moment that thankfully didn’t dominate the episode, but I’ll really be happy when the show starts so Arrow and Flash don’t have to spend any more time advancing subplots and characters not relevant to the second half of their seasons.

The Flash - Gorilla Warfare -Patty SpivotAlthough typically I’m an advocate for secret identities, given the nature of the series and how many people already know Barry is The Flash, I don’t see the point of Barry withholding that from Patty.

By my count, 18 people already know Barry’s not-so secret identity, including his father, best friend and surrogate father — normally the folks who would be kept in the dark about that kind of thing — so Patty being left out is a rare case where the show is sticking to a superhero tradition it’s long since outrun.

The Flash - Gorilla Warfare - Joe and IrisAs Henry says goodbye — is he really gonna miss Thanksgiving with Team Flash? — Joe confesses to Iris he’s always looked at Barry as his son, but is reminded when Henry comes around that he actually doesn’t have a son of his own. But Iris knows differently. When will she spill the beans?

Rating: 8 out of 10

Barry can’t immediately get his rematch with Zoom, but Grodd was certainly no chump opponent providing a fun challenge for our favorite speedster.

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  • G.L. Ric Kage

    As for the identity crisis,read “Identity Crisis” it’s a worthwhile sh trope.
    Once more I don’t know the 16 people Your counting but Barry’s identity is known to the community (unless I’m missing someone)and the dead don’t count) Patti drew the short straw here. Someone has to be left out of the loop.
    Too bad it’s her. She should know,but the classic Lois in the dark arc must play out for now.

  • G.L. Ric Kage

    The actress playing Patti looks an awful lot like Julia Roberts to me. Anyone else seeing that?

  • Oh, I loved Identity Crisis. I just wish they didn’t kill off Sue for the sake of that one.

    Let’s see. You’re right, it’s actually 18 and I still think I’m missing someone
    Harry Wells
    Oliver Queen
    Laurel Lance
    Thea Queen
    Ray Palmer
    Malcolm Merlyn
    Captain Cold
    Golden Glider
    Professor Stein
    The rejected Firestorm candidate
    Linda Park

  • G.L. Ric Kage

    “I’ll really be happy when the show starts so Arrow and Flash don’t have to spend any more time advancing subplots and characters not relevant to the second half of their seasons.”

    Dude,I enjoy your interesting and informative reviews for the most part. Often I learn something from them as I’ve always been more of a low level expert eclectic enthusiast of sci-fi/fantasy comic book superhero stories.
    While I have more than one favorite character, media, trope, motif,etc it’s apparent that the opposite can also be true of other fans. Taking that in consideration,Jeffrey.
    If you say one more time that ALL the other heroes and villains are NOT relevant, I’m going to go ape(Gorilla Grodd)on you!
    STOP IT!?
    STOP IT!?
    STOP IT!?
    This is a great comic book TV show because it sticks to the basic elements of the source material. Comic books have shared universes and the heroes form a community!
    You obviously read comics,so I don’t see how you blatantly miss that core element in the books. It crosses the publishing houses! E.g.Deadpool often contemplates if Batman has the same problems during a mission. Dude! Even in the movies Aunt May tells Peter he’s too busy and that he isn’t Superman(even though she’s oblivious that Peter is Spiderman)?Nyuknyuk. Again the point is: it’s a community of heroes…no matter who’s epithet it’s under or who the “headliner” is.
    Eponymous– anonymous!
    Stop complaining,capt. We’ve been reading comics and watching the older TV shows back in the day waiting for this moment to arrive and you’re pissing on the parade! I used to sit and watch the old Bill Bixby Incredible Hulk,and wonder where the other Avengers were.(Then they did those specials where Thor and DareDevil made appearances as if to partially answer my wishful thinking)yay!) I wished that query every live superhero show; Linda Carter as Wonderwoman,(Where is Superman?)
    George Reeves as Superman,(Where is Wonderwoman?)
    Adam West as Batman,(Where is WonderWoman?)
    Where Are THEY?!
    Then Smallville happened…?
    Then the MCU happened…
    NOW Flash has happened…to unleash the 52 Earths of the DCU multiverse! ?
    Happy-happy joy-joy to every fangirl and fanboy!?
    In closing,I’m warning you JKLMD…keep urinating on my Dc Legends ice cream & cake party,and I’m taking off my PowerRings and going Gemini Gentleman Ghost Gorilla on you and what Army!?lol…
    Please feel free to resume your lovely and magnificent evil free evaluations,capt..
    I’m buggin’ blue beetle,
    like Antman,
    like Arachnoid,
    like Anansi,
    like Queen Bee,
    like Killer Moth,
    like Karen Beecher,
    like Miles Morales,
    like Abner Jenkins,
    like the Tick!

  • G.L. Ric Kage

    Dude. What’s up with your url? I’ve been trying to cut and paste a reply I wrote for the last fifteen mins!

  • What’s going on when you try it?

  • Think you’re mistaken me man. I’m loving Flash, I just prefer them not to devote so much time to Legends at the expense of developing the characters on Flash.

  • The spam filter was catching it for some reason. It’s in now.

  • I definitely see that.

  • G.L. Ric Kage

    Cool. Thank you and thank you again for the reply to the problem.

  • Jace

    Well all of the Justice League knows everyone’s identity so it is pretty much the same thing in this universe.

  • G.L. Ric Kage

    Sue wasn’t the only casualty in IC.
    Within the context it’s the price of the dual identity.

    Jace has a point. It’s in line with what I was saying about the “non relevant” DC legends; that It’s a community within the general populace. The modern media is playing loose with the rules of comic motifs,but the comics do the same to themselves. The MCU is taking pages out of the FF franchise even though they currently don’t own the rights to it. (None of the Avengers have secret identities akin to the way none of the FF has secret identities) Here’s DC’s hint at the ideal,but while still holding onto the classic trope by extending the secret circle out to civies,anti-heroes,reformed villains,etc. Which is why we’re getting this current arc of leaving Patty out of the loop along with all the other average Jane Q. Citizens.

  • G.L. Ric Kage

    Exactly. Indeed. That is what I was thinking. I was going to go see if I could find a YouTube clip from JL ep where Batman tells Flash all the names of each league