• fred

    Man tell me about it haha, this trailer just blew me away bro. Amazing to say the least.

  • Pierre V. Mooney

    I am in a funk about all the ACTION FILMS coming out. STAR WARS is the only film I am up for. The MARVEL FRANCHISE has become to overwhelming to me. Even a kid would get tired of all these far out action fantasies. When will it slow up. I want some reality based films. Hey man I could even go for a WESTERN or a SPORT films.

  • Oh man. This is the Avengers film EVERYONE has been waiting to see since it was announced.

    I’m convinced that’s what stunted some of Ultron’s box office tally.

  • Pierre my man, this is going to be your time of year as Hollywood is set to unleash all their serious, thought-provoking films just in time for Oscar voting consideration.

    Are you looking forward to Will Smith’s NFL-based “Concussion” film?

  • Pierre V. Mooney

    You know I started to ask about the OSCARS in my comment. I have seen the trailers to that Will Smith film. But it did not seem to get the play I thought it might get. No body was talking about it when I was in the STATES. I am sure there will be other good ones when they start talking about the OSCARS. Right now I am down about the films showing now though. You are on the ball BROTHER.

  • I’ll probably be doing an Oscar watch preview in the next couple of weeks so I’ll make sure to list a few you’ll be interested in seeing.

  • Pierre V. Mooney

    Great I look forward to it.