Street Fighter 5 introduces Sagat’s replacement FANG

Street Fighter V is going to be a crazy game. With each new character reveal, I’m become more excited about playing it.

And with the latest announcement of M. Bison’s new right-hand man F.A.N.G., I’m very intrigued to figure out his fighting style and seeing just how he’ll differ from fellow long-range fighter Dhalsim.

I love his stage with statues of all of Shadloo’s leaders — note, no Sagat.

Becoming the 16th challenger, F.A.N.G emerges from the shadows to take his self-proclaimed spot as the second in command of Shadaloo! When he’s not busy overseeing Shadaloo’s operations, he shows his passion through conducting evil experiments within Shadaloo’s research facility. His sinister long range attacks and slippery movements, paired with his ability to poison his opponents, is enough to leave his opponents feeling ill.

Street Fighter 5 comes to PS4 and PC Feb. 16, 2016. sfv_character_art_-_fang.jpg (JPEG Image, 5351 × 3010 pixels) - Scaled (26%) - Mozilla Firefox 1252015 40454 PM

  • there is is something that is still cool that MK and street fighter are going strong today. But man did they blow their chances at movie fandom( i did like the MK movies though and i saw them in the movies ). They keep going and disney will buy them as well lol

  • Yeah man. Do you still play them? Definitely getting the new one.