Hot Toys debuts Captain America: Civil War, Batman v Superman figures

Hot Toys revealed its highly anticipated 2016 lineup of figures from next year’s biggest films including Captain America: Civil War and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice at ToySoul 2015. There’s a lot of great stuff so let’s not waste any more time talking about it and check it out!

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of JusticeBatman v Superman Dawn of Justice figures Hot Toys

Captain America: Civil War

Other Marvel:

Ant-Man mini Yellowjacket, Ant-Man and Wasp figure Hot ToysDeadpool figure Hot Toys

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars Force Awakens Hot Toys stormtroopers

  • Barry Murray

    Incredible as always. I was never tempted by First Order Troopers or Kylo Ren. But i *need to get Rey and Finn on order!

  • Yep, army building First Order troops makes them a non-starter, but Finn and Rey are must gets!

  • Barry Murray

    Yeah. It will be great. I am now excited about the figures from TFA in a way i wasn’t before.

  • I was wondering if seeing the movie would make you get into the figures 😉

  • Barry Murray

    Mainly Rey. But Finn too. And i am all in for Poe in his flight suit.
    And it’s amazing that BB-8 is such a little puppy dog.
    I got a couple of bootleg Maria Hill heads in the mail today and will be looking forward to doing different looks for Rey in the same way.

  • Ben

    These look incredible!

  • Yep. Definitely need to start saving for some now.;-)