Star Wars Force Awakens rewrites box office record with $238M debut

Well, Jurassic World had a solid few months enjoying its all-time best debut record. Star Wars Force Awakens unleashed a Death Star sized blast at the box office records.

The seventh film in the Star Wars saga easily beat out the dinos’ record $208 million haul with a staggering $238 million opening. 

Considering the mix of nostalgia, savvy Disney marketing and an unprecedented air of mystery and intrigue it’s hard to imagine another film toppling this record anytime soon.

Worldwide, Jurassic World is still king of the mountain with $525 million as Force Awakens earned $517 million thanks largely to not opening yet in China.

  • fred

    Saw “Force Awakens” yesterday and it was pretty damn good, I enjoyed it. It’s definitely superior to “Phantom Menace” and “Attack Of The Clones” and maybe even a cut above ‘Sith’ & ‘Jedi’, I have to see it again to be sure. 238 million opening weekend is very impressive will stand for a little in my opinion. If that stars align correctly, it has strong anticipation from audiences and it turns out to be really good, I think ‘Civil War’ could make a decent run at “Force Awakens” record but won’t top it. I think it can certainly beat “Jurassic World” for second place if things work out well. The only reason “Force Awakens” didn’t smash “Jurassic World’s” 525 million is because it indeed has not opened yet in China. But 8 million worldwide is not that big of a difference and after numbers are revised and become official tomorrow, “Force Awakens” could still overtake “Jurassic World” for that opening worldwide record. Remember when “The Avengers” than opening weekend record was first estimated on Sunday it was 203 million, but after revised numbers on Monday it ended up taking in 207.4 million. That’s a 7 million difference and that was just in the US alone and not the whole globe, so it’s easily conceivable that “Force Awakens” numbers could be 10-15 million higher worldwide than what’s being currently estimated. In any case it’s a hell of a opening domestic and worldwide, congrats to them.

  • I definitely liked it more than Jedi, but still enjoyed Sith a bit more.
    I don’t know man. I think getting $210M may be tough especially if Batman v Superman does better than expected.

    You raise a great point. I remember before the adjustments, Jurassic World wasn’t looking like it was going to beat Avengers until the Monday numbers. I could certainly see enough late Sunday interest to take it past the all time global figure. $7 million definitely isn’t an insurmountable number.

  • fred

    I think BvS will have a big opening weekend as well, but I don’t see a 200m opening weekend for it because it’s not a proven enough property and I don’t see excited masses at the level of “Force Awakens” with it. Even though “Civil War” is technically a Cap film, it has many Avengers in it and the inclusion of Black Panther and Spider-Man has a lot of people jacked up and excited about it. I think worse case scenario “Civil War” opens around 180-190 million, best case scenario 200-215 million. I think BvS has a good shot at opening at 150 million and if it has a strong word of mouth on the quality of it, I could see as high as 170-180 million.

  • fred

    I just think for “Civil War” to clear 200 million it depends on if they can deliver something fresh and unique enough to peak mass audiences interest. It did seem like a little Marvel fatigue might have slightly settled in with AOU because I expected more than 191 million it’s opening weekend even though that’s a big number and certainly nothing to sneeze at. I think you alluded to it earlier when you said movie audiences might have not been as excited about ‘Ultron’ as they are ‘Civil War’, the dynamic and dissension between Cap and Stark as well as their teams could absolutely polarize movie audiences and if it’s able to do that to a crowd pleasing degree, it could make a reasonable run at “Force Awakens” record weekend, but I still couldn’t see it beating it’s mark.

  • fred

    Ands far as “Force Awakens” goes, after official numbers come in tomorrow morning t could be as low as 235 million and as high as 245 million. Anyway you cut it though it’s a record breaking weekend and a very impressive one because it didn’t just break the opening weekend record but it shattered it by25-30 million. It reminds me of when “Spider-Man” broke the opening weekend record of the first Happy Potter film by 25 million and when “The Avengers” broke the final Happy Potter film’s record by 38 million.

  • That’s true. Civil War is more of an Avengers film. I still think that Pacquio/Mayweather fight kept some of the audience that otherwise would have been in the theaters watching Avengers home.

  • Alright, so what’s your final prediction? I’m gonna go with $241 million.
    Yeah, these box office numbers keep going up astronomically!

  • fred

    Well that’s true to, I forgot about the Mayweather-Pacquio fight and the impact it had on AOU’s opening weekend. It really only truly affected it on Saturday though, so I can’t say it would have made 25-30 million more if not for the fight because I don’t think it would have. I think the fight did possibly cost it around 10-15 million it’s opening weekend though. So maybe without the fight AOU opens to 200-205 million.

  • fred

    Jeff I told you after final numbers are counted “Force Awakens” could overtake “Jurassic World’s” worldwide opening weekend numbers, and damn if I wasn’t right. Also you’re 241 million prediction is well under the official 248 million it ended up making, incredible number man. Yeah this record is going to stand for a little while. I don’t think the following Star Wars films will touch it’s opening weekend record imo and here’s why. The build up for a fresh new Star Wars film was so anticipated by people that you just can’t manufacture that sort of excitement again. Plus if you look at previous part 1’s like “A New Hope” & “Phantom Menace”, both we’re the biggest domestic and global hits in their respective trilogies and I think “Force Awakens” will be the same way, the first films in Star Wars series always turn out to be the biggest hits. Sure the sequels will be big hits, I just don’t think they will top “Force Awakens” imo.

  • Most impressive.
    I don’t know man. If the quality stays up to Force Awakens, I could see a lot of people staying invested and the second or third possibly outdoing it. Maybe… 😉

  • fred

    Well Star Wars is one of those properties that even if the film is not good it will make money, but being well reviewed like the current film will boost box office numbers. The following sequels will be smash hits, no doubt about that. That being said, none of them will be able to rise quite to the anticipation levels this film did, maybe the last one will so we’ll see.