Star Wars: The Force Awakens set to dethrone Avatar as all-time highest grossing movie

James Cameron’s stranglehold on the top two spots on the all-time highest grossing list may be coming to a close thanks to Rey, Finn, Poe and BB-8.

In setting a new record for best worldwide opening weekend, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has begun stirring up interests with box office forecasters of this being the chosen one to displace Titanic ($658.6 million) and record holder Avatar ($760.5 million).

Following another record as the all-time Monday mark, defeating Spider-Man 2’s $26.1 million with an impressive $40.1 million, there’s good reason to believe we’re watching a new all-time record holder make its way to the top.

Already the film is the fastest to $100 million (1 day), fastest to $150 million (2 days), fastest to $200 million (3 days), fastest to $250 million (4 days) and fastest to $300 million (5 days)*.

Chris Pratt Jurassic World raptor sceneFor further perspective, Avatar needed 15 days to reach $300 million. Jurassic World set the previous record in 8 days, Marvel’s The Avengers did it in 9 days and The Dark Knight reached it in 10 days. Those films currently sit No. 3, 4 and 5 respectively on the all-time highest grossing list.

On Tuesday, Awakens brought in $37 million, breaking the previous Tuesday record of The Amazing Spider-Man’s $35 million. It’s assured to break the Christmas Day record set in 2009 with Sherlock Holmes‘ $24.6 million and should easily go over $150 million for its second weekend.

Bolstering Awakens’ chances of setting the new all-time gross is it already has a significant head start on where Avatar was in its first five days in theaters.

avatarAvatar blazed an impressive $109.4 million tally. Force Awakens obliterated that mark with a whopping $325.4 million total. Awakens is truly moving at unprecedented levels.

Even if you went with conservative estimates and Awakens only managed $100 million over the Christmas weekend — highly unlikely considering the tremendous word of mouth and “A” CinemaScore — Awakens would catapult from its current position of No. 40 on the all-time list to No. 12.

If it hits $150 million, Awakens jumps to No. 7 displacing the current highest grossing Star Wars film … Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace. Jar Jar may need a moment after this weekend.

*Historical box office data courtesy of Box Office Mojo.

  • Pierre V. Mooney

    Jeff, I got to see STAR WARS 7 on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23 in Danang, Vietnam. Of course there were no long lines and the theater was not to crowded at all. Of course the price was only 55 vnd = $2.10. Most of the audience it seemed was in their early 20s, but they did not give long rounds of applause as the older characters appeared. I think most were not that familiar with the STAR WARS franchise. There was an of acknowledgment of 3CPO seemingly a crowd favorite.

    Of course with the many leads to future STARS WARS films about REY (who has the force with her) smile, LUKE SKY WALKER’S continuing JEDI saga. more about HAN SOLO and Princess Leia’s son gone over to the DARK SIDE and MAZ, who O assume is the new YODA. (smile) I look forward to seeing it several more times to gain new insights in this fine piece of film making.

  • I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it my friend. I’ve seen it three times now and still kinda want to check it out in theaters at least one more time. I keep seeing new things each time.

    How did they respond to the new characters?