Kenya Moore turns 45

The former Miss USA and Real Housewives of Atlanta star turned 45 and while it’s unlikely many of her Real Housewives of Atlanta will be attending her birthday bash, it’ll no doubt be an event to remember. Last year, Moore starred in TV series Life Twirls On, but amazingly doesn’t have anything planned for 2016 thus far.

The biggest question is what kind of headlines she’ll be making in 2016 and if it will involve more than her Real Housewives fame?

  • Happy Birthday to Ms. Moore. Always thought she was gorgeous…ridiculously gorgeous, actually. Can’t say that I have followed her career, though. I don’t do reality TV, and I never even heard of Life Twirls On. Amazing she still looks that good.

  • Jeffrey Lyles

    You’re not kidding my man. She’s just silly attractive. I can’t speak much for her personality as I can’t do those housewives shows, but yeah she has lost none of her appeal.