Spider-Man is a shield-stealer in Captain America Civil War trailer

Oh, hey Spider-Man.

Not that I needed any more reason to be obsessively hyped for Captain America: Civil War, but Marvel Entertainment went ahead and decided to fan the flames further by releasing a new one featuring everyone’s favorite wall-crawler. And it’s pretty much everything I wanted and then some.

So for everyone wondering why Cap seemed to have the numerical advantage in the face-offs, there you go. I’m loving the vintage tribute to the Steve Ditko mask on Spider-Man mixed with a classic Alex Ross take on the costume. There was no topping The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for best comic book to movie, but this is pretty close. Maybe Captain America’s squad has a surprise of their own? How awesome was that Ant-Man riding Hawkeye’s arrow shot?

How bada$$ was Bucky in the trailer from gunning down/hopefully not killing War Machine to going toe to toe with Black Panther, who looks equally impressive. And that mounting tension between Cap and Iron Man almost seems like something the two Avengers mainstays won’t be able to recover from when the dust is settled. There’s one major character we’ve yet to see make an appearance and he could be the cause for all this drama with The Avengers.

And with Avengers: Infinity War is a wrap with 67 characters planned, it isn’t too late for Marvel to start working some collaborating deals with 20th Century Fox to get the Fantastic Four and the X-Men on board for a Secret Wars film. I know, pipe dream, but it could happen.

For now enjoy these Civil War pics.

And if we’ve really got a cinematic superhero war, let’s see how Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice responds to this one.

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  • Scott S.

    Absolutely incredible! Spidey looks fantastic!
    Cannot wait to see more BP, the way he no-sold the machine gun fire was beautiful.
    I’m rather worried about Rhodey, though. We cannot lose Don Cheadle.

  • Jeffrey Lyles

    I agree with everything you wrote. Cheadle is too great to lose in this franchise. BP looked like the man and Spidey looked sensational. I don’t even need another trailer. I’m just ready for May!

  • Scott S.

    Is it okay if I vent? I’m gonna vent a little bit:

    HOLY ##%%^#@$$@%$&^&$^*#^&^%$%@#!#$
    I despise the Internet Comic/Super Hero Community.

    1. This is the best looking Spider-Man we have seen. I really don’t think it’s close. This is the OG iconic look. Almost identical to Alex Ross’s paintings. And if you don’t like Alex Ross, I really don’t know what to say. Moving eyes? God forbid we get a little bit of expression through the mask.
    2. So much whining and complaining about the voice! He’s supposed to be 15, 16 years old! They actually cast a teenager to play a teenager for the first time! That’s how 15, 16 year olds sound.
    3. Too CG for you? There’re 2 whole months until the premiere. I think it’s pretty darn good CG, but nevertheless it is foolish to assail a product which you begged to see that may have some work left to go.

    Rant over. I feel a lot better now. Thanks, Jeff.

  • Jeffrey Lyles

    Anytime my friend. I’m surprised, but I shouldn’t be, about the eye complaint. That’s been a trademark since the character’s creation. This is the first time we’ve seen it incorporated into a film costume and I really love it.
    And that’s how a teenager would sound…from three words. Ugh. Internet. You fail me again.

  • Scott S.

    I guess they need something to complain about, and everything else is far too rock solid to whine over.

  • Jeffrey Lyles

    I suppose. Some people just need something to complain about.

  • Fred

    I agree with you, I love the old school Steve Ditko design, Spidey has that cool retro look. I think some of those people complaining sound like they been tasting the crack rock a little to me man haha. I think Spider-Man and Black Panther’s costumes look great.