The good and bad of new X-Men: Apocalypse trailer

20th Century Fox dropped the latest X-Men: Apocalypse trailer. It left me both really excited and frustrated.

Bryan Singer’s latest spin with the X-Men looks to be the most action-packed in the eight film franchise. I got a major fanboy geekout seeing Cyclops, Jean Grey and Beast battling Angel. All I needed was Iceman to have a live-action X-Factor moment. Storm didn’t do a whole lot, but she looked impressive channeling her lightning and that sequence with her and Cyclops gave me flashbacks to their battle to determine who would lead the X-Men.

X-Men Apocalypse - Olivia Munn as PsylockeWhile I’m not a huge fan of the costume design, it’s great actually seeing a new villain for the X-Men to battle in Apocalypse. Better yet, his size changing abilities appear to be fully realized here. Olivia Munn’s Psylocke looks like she stepped out of the comic and Ben Hardy actually made Angel look like an intimidating opponent.

As usual, I hate the armor-plated costumes. They’re too boring and make the X-Men look like a SWAT team. Psylocke’s costume is so perfect, Magneto’s is fine and neither look crazy, but everyone else looks way too nondescript and completely lacking a real sense of individuality.

The bigger offense though is the continued reliance on Professor X, Magneto and Mystique. The Avengers’ franchise doesn’t share a lot in common with its comic book origins, but the tone and spirit of the comics is tremendously faithful. Having Magneto and Mystique flip flop with their commitment to Prof. X and the X-Men undercuts the other more interesting X-Men who never get a chance to get developed.

X-Men Apocalypse - AngelAnd between Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Havok, Storm, Psylocke, Jubilee and Quicksilver, we’ve got a slew of actual X-Men that look like they’re going to get shortchanged. It does seem like a bit of a missed opportunity for this 80s era X-Men epic not to have the rock star turned X-Man Dazzler.

That said, I’m actually starting to get excited about this one. I doubt Apocalypse will be my favorite movie of the month seeing as how Captain America: Civil War arrives May 6, but it could be a solid No. 2. We’ll find out when it arrives in theaters May 27.

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  • W Troy McCall

    The pros and cons are well stated. Aside from the impressive vocabulary, X-Men comics have a bold life with a reputation that is generally diluted by the movies. Key events have been rewritten; in a fairly acceptable manner. Also, many of the characters are either too young, or are X-Man members during the wrong eras. Yes please, to Dazzler. That would bring up Rogue’s evil past before she’d joined X-Men. Don’t get me started on the two major reasons Halle Berry should not have been cast as Storm. I have a long time fantasy that the subtitled comic book issue Chutes and Ladders would get brought to the “adamantium” screen, with the surprise of Angela Bassett as the alternate dimension Storm, in the character’s classic comic book outfit; complete with long hair, gold ring connected bathing suit, “hooker boots” and tiara. That image would bring a celebration to every movie theater. Meanwhile, X-Men movies -thus far- have presented a plethora of memorable visuals. I look forward to seeing Archangel’s wings in action. This Apocalypse trailer delivers a level of ntertainment to look forward to.