Supergirl: Better Angels review Ep. 20

While not necessarily crashing, Supergirl’s season finale certainly didn’t stick the landing either. On that front, it stayed in line with the inconsistent  tone of the season.

That cool showdown between a Myriad influenced Alex and Supergirl seemed poised to be the season’s ultimate high stakes family fight. Instead, Alex tossed Kara around in her robo-suit before J’onn arrived with Eliza Danvers to snap her daughter out of this previously indefensible mind control device.

And just how did J’onn escape from Indigo, know Alex was gunning for Supergirl, travel back to get Eliza and bring her back in time before Alex killed Supergirl? Sure seems like an invisible assist to knock Alex out would have been far more effective.

For all the buildup right down to Superman’s Kryptonian robots being afraid to even utter the word, Myriad sure was a letdown. Supergirl’s broadcast message of hope, love and cat videos was enough to snap Myriad’s control. That was pretty weak given the circumstances.

supergirl better angels - supergirl and max-minWhat should have been this epic episode long struggle was wrapped up neat and tidy in 15 minutes thanks to Supergirl TV.

And given that Indigo showed full control over the Internet and presumably all airwaves, not to mention Non’s complete control over people to simply turn off the TV, phones or tablets, it was a real stretch they would allow Kara’s message to get out in the first place.  I still want to know what Non had the Catco employees working on in the office.

Myriad wasn’t a complete loss though as Superman was inexplicably still under its control despite literally everyone else in National City being fine and back to normal. I get Superman hasn’t been cast, but it’s so much easier explaining his absence as being in outer space or dealing with a threat with the Justice League than coming up with these nonsensical methods to keep him on the bench.

Non and Indigo had one last play – cranking up Myriad to overload and eventually For the next 20 minutes, Supergirl – the earlier beacon of hope and optimism – now confronts the problem with a sense of helplessness. Apparently her Hope Tank was on empty.

Despite a rash of logistical and After rallying the citizens of National City with a message of hope, Kara spends most of the season finale all but admitting defeat and saying farewell to all her pals awaiting their deaths.

Gen. Lane arrives to throw shade on J’onn while Max tracks Non’s base to the one place you’d think the DEO would’ve checked already – Fort Rozz. Well, in fairness, no one at the alien task force organization knew the location of the prison containing all these prisoners. I see why Lois doesn’t trust you General.

Just when it seemed the Non/Indigo clash with Supergirl and Martian Manhunter would make up for the lackluster Myriad deal, Supergirl and Manhunter get pretty decisive wins. Earlier in the season, Non seemed pretty capable of beating Supergirl, but this time he simply resorts to spewing out heat vision and hoping for the best?

With Myriad still counting down to Earth’s eradication, Supergirl flies it out to orbit. For the sake of some drama, Supergirl apparently is unable to fly into space. While the ahem space-breathing MARTIAN is apparently fine watching this play out, Alex won’t let her sister sacrifice herself and takes Kara’s pod into space to rescue her. Since when did Alex learn Kryptonian let alone get a pilot’s license or determine if she’d be safe in the pod? Sigh.

supergirl better angels - team supergirl-minDespite these numerous complaints, Melissa Benoist continues to carry this show through its roughest patches. Supergirl’s plea to Alex to have a normal life was a strong scene as was Cat giving Kara her own office and the sweet moment where she actually pronounces her name correctly. It seemed way out of character for Cat to give Kara carte blanche in deciding her future at Catco, but it was a well-earned moment in an episode short of them.

Team Supergirl celebrates at Alex and Kara’s. Eliza, now clued in that Jeremiah isn’t dead, insists on a plate setting for him while James seizes the moment to kiss Kara. And still not interested in this romantic pairing.

Before they finish busting out the bubbly, a Kryptonian pod crash lands in the distance. If it’s anything but Krypto in that Krypton pod I’m going to be very disappointed.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

For Benoist’s sake, I’m counting on a second season one where the writers come up with better plots and storylines. A lot of the shakier ideas this season got overlooked due to the novelty of a female superhero show, but for those expecting more out of the genre, season 2 needs to step it up.

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  • Jace

    Yeah…this wasn’t an awesome season finale. Like you said, I’m hoping they come with a more consistent tone for all the characters and storylines next season for Melissa’s sake.

  • Jeffrey Lyles

    No, no it definitely wasn’t. 🙁
    I’m willing to give it another go because I think she is tremendous. I wouldn’t mind seeing her as the Super-family role in a Legion of Superheroes arc.

  • S

    Thanks Jeffrey. Major loopholes in this episode, probably the most of the entire season. Quite a let down for a story that has been building up for so long.

    It appears the writers just got lazy or lost interest when writing this one.

    – Since when has Supergirl become incapable of surviving in outer space due to lack of oxygen, atmosphere or gravity ?
    – She can pick up Fort Rozz weighing a million tons but when she picks up an iron bar while fighting Alex she grimaces ?
    – Why would Supergirl not use super speed to avoid Alex’s sword during the fight ?
    – Why would she not use her freeze breath to immobilise Alex or use the heat vision to disarm her from a distance ?

    The list goes on and on.

    It’s nice to know that a superhero has a human side, but if I have grown up reading my DC/Marvel comics right then another trait of a superhero is super intelligence !! And it’s a trait the writers of this entire season seemed to be very hard up on. The kind of support system Supergirl requires, throughout all episodes, for figuring out an enemy’s weakness or for something as basic as locating them suggests that Superman (who fights alone) probably is just surviving on a healthy dose of luck.

    Come on CBS. A teenager can come up with more airtight plots than the one you have been pitching supergirl against through out this season.

  • Jeffrey Lyles

    It’s amazing that for all of my gripes with the episode you could come up with a slew of other problems that were just as bad. Either way this season definitely needed a better resolution.
    Thank you for commenting!

  • Steven Clute

    I’m going full jump the shark on this episode. Writing dialog was terrible. Solve the Myrid destruction easily. Bunch of save the planet, Supergirl might die. How? the show is called Supergirl. Supergirl’s sister drives into space to rescue her. Oh my. The only scene I actually liked in this episode is where Jon Jon tears indigo apart. And she still talks. This episode was the worst. I actually liked the story up until now.