NECA Aliens Bishop figure review

If it weren’t for that pesky Star Wars saga, Aliens would easily be my all-time favorite sci-fi film. It’s one of the best sequels ever thanks to perfect casting, exhilarating action and a ton of memorable lines.

One of the more interesting characters was Bishop. The Sulaco’s expedition officer was mysterious and very different from his fellow Colonial Marines ship mates. NECA brought some much needed diversity to its Aliens line with the Wave 3 release of Bishop. Let’s see if he was worth the wait.

Packaging: The packaging is simple, but effective. There’s portraits on either side. I still wish there was just a little personalization with the characters beyond a generic summation of the film. I love that NECA has figure credits for the various parties responsible for the figure.

Unlike previous waves, Bishop is packaged with less restrictive plastic ties making his release much easier.

NECA Aliens Bishop -main picLikeness: The likeness to Lance Henriksen is outstanding. The sculpt, credited to Kyle Windrix and Jason Frailey, is some of the line’s best work. The early receding hairline, raised eyebrows, high cheekbones and contemplative expression come together well for a sharp likeness.

NECA Aliens Bishop -jumpsuit detailThe jumpsuit has some nice detailing from the zippers and belts to the stitching without being overly wrinkly. It’s made of a softer plastic yet retains all the detail. It’s something I’d love to see Mattel utilize with their WWE line. It has a slight diaper appearance depending on your perspective, but it looks fine. Bishop’s 80s style sneakers are well done as well really giving that futuristic throwback vibe.

Paint: Matching the soft plastic jumpsuit with the rest of the figure didn’t prove too challenging for NECA, which was definitely appreciated. The lighting is making the differences stand out far more than it does to the naked eye. The jumpsuit’s lining portion is appropriately a few shades lighter.

The sneakers reflect regular use with a good amount of dirt along the soles even if there’s some occasional misses along the line work.

NECA tends to have issues with paint flaking and the elbow joints quickly lost their paint. Bishop’s hairline could be sharper, but that’s thankfully the biggest issues with the paint apps.

NECA Aliens Bishop -with Windrix, Hicks and HudsonScale: Bishop is a little shorter than the 7″ Colonial Marines, which I like as it helps make it stand out even more than his all blue attire.  

Articulation: Bishop has a slightly different articulation scheme than the Colonial Marines figures, but it’s just as serviceable for all of Bishop’s necessary poses.

Bishop has: neck, shoulders, elbow, wrist, waist, hinge hips, knee and ankle articulation. While the bottom portion of the jumpsuit bulges up, Bishop can be posed in a seated position. The jumpsuit restricts Bishop’s waist articulation significantly. It’ll give a little, but you’re not going to be able to turn him as easily as you would some of the other figures.

The knee articulation is a little funky. It goes back and forth and swivels slightly. It’s not the ‘traditional’ knee movement, but it works very well.

Considering he wasn’t the most active combatant in the film, his articulation covers most of my wants besides being able to bring his shoulders in deeper to simulate that nerve-wracking tunnel crawl.

Accessories: Bishop isn’t as loaded as some of the Colonial Marines, but he’s got some useful accessories. First is the flashlight he carried while traveling through the tunnel. The paint in the inner fluorescent area of mine is somewhat chipped though.

Additionally, Bishop comes with a separate fist gripping hand tailored especially to fit the final accessory – the knife to do his infamous knife trick, which resulted in numerous impressionable kids like myself to knick their fingers trying to replicate on several occasions.

The hand swaps out easily enough and the grip on the knife is nice and tight.NECA Aliens Bishop -knife trick with Hudson

Worth it? With their extra size and more detailed sculpts, the $20 price tag doesn’t sting so hard for a NECA figure, but Bishop is actually available for $15 and that’s a great deal.NECA Aliens Bishop -arms out

Rating: 9 out of 10

As a rabid Aliens fan, it’s quite the geek-out thrill to get this figure in NECA’s line. There’s some minor paint issues, but otherwise this is everything I wanted in a Bishop figure.

Where to get it? Amazon has Bishop now for $15 (after shipping). Stores like FYE typically carry the line so that’d be a good bet as well as your local comic book store.

In advance of Alien Day, I’ve already reviewed Sgt. Craig Windrix and I’ve got two more coming up in the next few days.

And for all your Aliens fans with a sense of humor.

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