NECA reveals Aliens Newt figures, teases Lt. Vasquez

Alien Day has come and gone and while it was hit or miss for some fans, for NECA collectors it was easily a fan pleasing day with the reveal of the Newt figure and teases of Lt. Vasquez.

The fun kicked off with a tweet from Newt herself Carrie Henn, who was refreshingly amped up about the big day and debuting her figure:


Even the main Jedi got in on the fun

NECA Toys shared three images of the Lt. Vasquez, whom we’ll see in full on Friday. Alongside Ripley, Vasquez was one of my favorite female characters. I adored any female who could easily fit in the GI Joe or Star Wars universes.

Although there aren’t any guarantees as NECA has repeatedly said human figures remain a tough sell at retail, one tweet was encouraging for more Colonial Marines:

I’m not sure who my next biggest want is between Apone, Drake or Frost. I’d love to see Burke and Gorman eventually as well, but those three are the priorities.

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