Does Supergirl deserve a second season?

Should CBS superhero drama get an encore?

There’s reports that Supergirl proved too costly a show for CBS and despite decent ratings, a sophomore season is very much in jeopardy. It again reinforces the notion for viewers that unless it’s backed by ABC or CW, a network TV superhero show won’t last long (RIP Constantine).

One plan to save it is moving the show to the CW, where it would be with fellow DC superhero shows Arrow, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. That’s a smart move since The CW is pretty much the home of all things DC anyway. Besides, there’s a few days of the week on the CW schedule without a comic book show.

Sliding right into the Monday timeslot would be a good way to kick off the week for DC Superhero week on the CW.
Another option has the series shooting in Vancouver to cut down on production costs. The Wrap reports the $3 million price tag per episode is likely too steep to merit renewal. Ironically, the show didn’t necessarily boast the best special effects to begin with so cutting costs may find Melissa Benoist’s title character going more the route of Smallville with a very limited display of her powers.

Based on the quality of the episodes, it’s really a toss-up if Supergirl should have another season. A lot of critics ignored the largely inconsistent nature of the first season as they were just happy a superhero show featured a female. With some very minor gender swapping a lot of those critics likely would have given up on the show.That Supergirl features a female lead shouldn’t be enough to keep it on the air.

Too often the writers focused on the plight of women in 2016, which got old real quick. It’s a rough comparison considering the vastly different tones, but Jessica Jones never treated its headlining hero like a novelty or anything special. Jessica was a complex, multi-layered character, which was far more important than her gender.

Too often Supergirl felt like the show was taking victory laps and patting itself on the back for having a female superhero show on the air. But Supergirl constantly failed to do what The Hunger Games did right from the onset – act like having a female lead in an action series was no big thing.Benoist largely was the reason even the weakest episodes were somewhat watchable and for her sake, I’d like to see the showrunners take another swing at improving the series. But if renewal isn’t an option, that doesn’t necessarily have to spell the end for Benoist as Supergirl.

I’d be very interested in seeing Supergirl as a member of the Legends of Tomorrow ensemble. Supergirl’s peppy optimism would make for a fun contrast with characters like Captain Cold and Heat Wave while giving Brandon Routh’s Atom a more fitting love interest thanks to their similar outlooks on life.

And Legends could use a main star like Supergirl even if her powers are somewhat diminished to make the rest of her teammates necessary. And if so, let’s try and bring Martian Manhunter along for the ride too.

What do you think? Should Supergirl get another season or was it such a disappointment it’s best left as a one and done?

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