The Flash: Rebirth #1 review

Flash: Rebirth standalone is one of this week’s must reads

As the most direct companion piece to DC Rebirth #1 thus far, The Flash: Rebirth is required reading for fans of DC’s epic new direction.

While the other titles have largely focused on establishing the new status quo, The Flash tackles Rebirth subplots head on. The result is a very satisfying and fun second act for Rebirth.

To better set the stage, writer Joshua Williamson slyly covers all the important Flash Facts. Barry Allen is the fastest man alive, battled super villains and cleared his father’s name after tracking down his mother’s real killer.

Williamson manages to cover most of the core Flash elements without getting bogged down in a lot of unnecessary exposition. More importantly, Williamson already seems to have Barry’s voice down. Whether Barry is interacts with fellow police officers, his father or superhero pals, Barry’s voice rings authentic.

Things get significantly more interesting as the story starts lining up with the events from DC Rebirth. To Williamson’s credit the Rebirth sequence doesn’t feel overly repetitive. Besides, The Flash(es) storyline was the most significant aspect of Rebirth so it makes sense to address that in Flash: Rebirth.

Williamson also moves the overall Rebirth story forward. Flash kicks off his investigation into the mysterious forces that wrecked their lives. Flash calls on one of his longtime allies for help. The two begin working to crack the case even as they realize it won’t be accomplished quickly.

Flash won’t have too long to dwell on the outside force as a more immediate threat is en route to Central City. And it’s one that might give him competition for the title of Fastest Man Alive.

Williamson has the ideal artist partner for his take on The Flash with Carmine Di Giandomenico. For pre-52 fans, Di Giandomenico’s style is reminiscent of Scott Kollins with a more animated touch to it.

Di Giandomenico’s artwork has such a vibrant sense of movement that it feels more like watching a movie. Then pausing at random points than reading a comic book. Colors are a major factor in a Flash title. Colorist Ivan Plascencia reflects the overall less gloomy and more hopeful tone of DC post Rebirth with some gorgeous visuals. If this first issue is any indication, The Flash is going to be a very fun, colorful and exciting ride.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Tying in major Rebirth events while setting the stage for the next big Flash storyline helped make Flash: Rebirth an easy recommendation.

Image Credit: DC Comics

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