New to Blu-Ray 6-14-16: 10 Cloverfield Lane, London Has Fallen

10 Cloverfield Lane, London Has Fallen highlight new releases

It’s a pretty good week of new Blu-Ray releases. Leading the pack is 10 Cloverfield Lane and London Has Fallen.

Despite the title, it has very little in common with the cult hit Cloverfield. Featuring a fantastic performance by John Goodman, Cloverfield Lane finds a woman rescued or trapped in a bomb shelter with two men claiming the surface world is under attack. A tense, unexpected thriller, 10 Cloverfield Lane keeps you guessing throughout. Goodman’s performance is so compelling he remains one of my favorite supporting roles this year.

London Has Fallen movie review

Next up, Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart reunite for London Has Fallen, the direct sequel to the surprise hit Olympus Has Fallen. Just as heavy on the insane action and crazy stunts as its predecessor, this is one sequel not overstepping its bounds. The filmmakers know exactly what kind of film this is and deliver a satisfying action romp.

On the more feel good side of things is Eddie The Eagle starring Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service) and Hugh Jackman about a British ski jumper who became an underdog sensation at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

For TV series fans, Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s Ballers: Season 1 debuts. The show about the life of professional football players has drawn rave reviews. With its focus on the behind the scenes lifestyles of athletes it’s no wonder Ballers has drawn comparisons to a sports version of Entourage. X-Files: The Event Series featuring the further adventures of Sculley and Mulder, also arrives as does the second season of Power.

As 50 Cents would have you believe, Power is the show Empire aspires to be with its gritty storyline of a New York club owner who wants to control the city further as a major drug kingpin. Catch up on all the drama and power moves as the third season gets underway.

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