Mattel WWE Legends are up for pre-order

WWE Legends line returns for one wave only

Give it up to Mattel. After its first crack at a dedicated WWE Legends line failed, they found ways to keep wrestling legends in the Elite line. The Flashback subset proved popular and Mattel learned how best to package the old school stars.

Now, Mattel is ready to give the Legends line another crack with a new dedicated line.

UPDATE: A Mattel exec confirmed the wave is a Legends theme wave, but is not a dedicated return to a standalone WWE Legends line. He added the Kamala, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Ultimate Warrior figures are reissues in new packaging. Chris Jericho will sport a new deco and Magnum T.A. will be packaged in the original Legends packaging as a nod to his original planned release.

The first WWE Elite Legends line is:

  • Magnum T.A.
  • The Ultimate Warrior
  • Chris Jericho
  • The Undertaker
  • Shawn Michaels
  • Kamala

There were some online rumors that Kamala, HBK and Undertaker might be repackaged releases of previous Flashback/Legends figures. Hopefully that’s not the case as we still desperately need a 1997-1998 Attitude Era Undertaker. And Mattel really needs to start cranking out as many Shawn Michaels variants as they do Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage.

Either way Magnum T.A. is for sure a new figure finally paying off that long lost prototype. Warn your 4 Horsemen because Magnum is gunning for them! Now we definitely need Mattel to hurry up and release a NWA version Dusty Rhodes in addition to a Nikita Koloff figure.

Chris Jericho has had so many looks over the years I’m not sure which way his figure would go. My preference would be an Attitude Era version circa 1999 when he was battling Triple H and The Rock.

Kamala is an odd inclusion since there’s not really much by way of variation that figure can provide. His Legends Series 2 figure was pretty spectacular and it’d be hard to top it. Ultimate Warrior is always good for a new variant since he has so many looks over the years.

What this means for the Target exclusive Hall of Fame line or Flashbacks in the main line are still up in the air. Elite Series 44 was finally confirmed to include Koko B. Ware, Tugboat and Macho Man Randy Savage so it’s a good indication we’ll keep seeing Flashbacks.

What do you think of the news? Stoked to see Legends return?

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