Detective Comics #936 Rise of the Batmen pt 3 review

Rise of the Batmen continues to deliver Gotham team excitement

Picking up from last issue’s cliffhanger, Rise of the Batmen part 3 sets up significant changes to the Bat family status quo in another thrilling issue.

Following the ambush of Batman, the Batmen aka The Colony look to finish the job with the rest of his hand-picked squad. It’s not as action-packed as the next installment will likely be, but it definitely makes for a strong incentive to anxiously await the next issue.

Writer James Tynion IV has done a commendable job balancing the characters and their dynamic has been an unexpected treat with Detective. Kathy Kane is pretty much the main character, but Tynion keeps the spotlight rotating to give other members of the team chances to shine.

Batwoman’s installation as co-lead had me worried her increased role would come at the expense of Red Robin. Fortunately that hasn’t been the case and he remains a major player in the title.

Batwoman and Red Robin call in the troops to come to Batman’s aid. Clayface had a number of good sequences this issue and is proving invaluable to the team despite his previous villain status.

Tynion doesn’t drag out the payoff of the force behind The Colony. Considering the nature of the reveal, giving it a few issues or not revealing their leader in the initial storyline probably would have made more sense. It was a risky twist that has major ramifications for the Bat family beyond this one storyline. Long-term it might not be the best decision, but it makes sense for this title. If nothing else, the move establishes an adversary with personal ties to the team.

Detective Comics issue 936 review - variant cover

Artist Alvaro Martinez continues DC’s pattern of finding strong complimentary artists on bi-weekly titles. Martinez’s pencils prove an excellent match as the alternate artist to tag team on the title with Eddy Barrows. Some of Martinez’s layouts are a bit hard to follow, but it’s more a side effect of creative panel placement. Overall, Martinez’s pencils offer that crime procedural feel that’s so fitting for Detective Comics.

Rise of the Batmen has been a compelling storyline. Part 3 kept the momentum rolling and somehow the two-week wait is going to feel even longer for the next chapter.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10


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