McFarlane Toys’ 5-inch Walking Dead line to return?

Walking Dead 5’ line may be back as Walgreens exclusives

As a latecomer and fan of McFarlane Toys’ Walking Dead TV series line I was bummed over the announcement the line was ending. There were too many figures still left on the table for McFarlane Toys to completely abandon the format for a less articulated 8” line. The line had a few articulation issues, but was a nice addition to my overall figure collection.

Now some hope seems to have arrived courtesy of Walgreens.

For its ‘Summer Preview’ announcement, McFarlane Toys revealed two new 5” figures and they’ll only be available at Walgreens.

This winter Walgreens will be the place to get Rick Grimes in his Alexandria constable outfit and Aaron. Another Rick variant is an interesting choice, but this will pair up well with the still on shelves Michonne in Alexandria constable attire. Aaron is a welcome reveal though. He’s one of the few worthwhile members of the Alexandria camp and has been a welcome addition to the previous season. Course come to think of it, he’s probably the only member of the group that will last long enough to warrant getting a figure so that makes a lot of sense.

Hopefully, McFarlane Toys will have some more good news for us 5” fans next week during San Diego Comic Convention. I’d love to see a full return to the line even if it is just a Walgreens exclusive. They’ve always been good about stocking their exclusive figures.

I’m still hoping we get Sasha, Lori, Rosita and a better Carol. And with all the fuss his character is sure to create come this upcoming season, I definitely wouldn’t turn down a Negan figure either.

What do you think of the news? Excited to see the potential return of the line? If it came down to just one more wave what others would you like to see included?

Image Credit: McFarlane Toys

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