Dark Horse Comics releasing knockout Muhammad Ali graphic novel

Comic will look at the life of the greatest of all time

This year has been a doozy in terms of the immense talent and icons that have died. At this point the two biggest remain Prince and Muhammad Ali.

In honor of boxing’s most iconic figure, Dark Horse Comics is releasing Muhammad Ali, a graphic novel about Ali’s life. These comic book biopics have become increasingly popular. I like that comic publishers are thinking outside the box for ways to attract new readers.

Sybille Titeux wrote the graphic novel while Amazing Ameziane handled the artwork. This isn’t exactly a new story as it was originally published in French. This will be the first time the graphic novel is being published in English.

Muhammad Ali ‘celebrates the life of the glorious athlete who metamorphosed from the young boxer Cassius Clay to the legendary three-time heavyweight champion, activist, and provocateur Muhammad Ali, and focuses on key figures in the civil rights movement.’

Muhammad Ali Dark Horse Comics

Cassius Clay is a kid who rushes into boxing by chance after his bike is stolen. His talent for the sport is proven when he wins an Olympic gold medal. The world heavyweight champion never takes a hit without fighting back. Clay becomes Muhammad Ali, a Civil rights activist, contemporary of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, and one of the greatest icons of the twentieth century.

Not only a titan in the world of sports but in the world itself, he dared to be different and to challenge and defy through his refusal to be drafted to fight in Vietnam, his rejection of his ‘slave’ name, and ultimately his final fight with his body itself through a thirty-year battle with Parkinson’s disease. Witness what made Ali different, what made him cool, what made him the Greatest.

You can buy Muhammad Ali on Oct. 26 for a retail price of $19.99.

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