DCC reveals new Animated Series, DC Films figures

The Animated Series get major love with new reveals

DC Collectibles is coming out swinging as San Diego Comic Con kicks off. They already revealed some fantastic additions to its Icons line now let’s see some more offerings. Fans of The Animated Series line should be ecstatic.

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Probably the biggest reveal is the expansion of the line. From Superman The Animated Series comes Superman and Lois Lane. I’m curious if DC Collectibles will reveal a full scale expansion with Justice League Unlimited or wait until next year.

DCC Superman The Animated Series Superman and Lois LaneThere’s certainly more than enough options from the Superman: TAS line to go through a year of releases. I assume we’ll see Lex Luthor in the first wave. Beyond that it’s wide open. Jimmy Olsen, Bizarro, Metallo are definitely candidates for early inclusion in the line as well as Toyman, Perry White, Maggie Sawyer and Dan Turpin. I’m excited about this reveal and this might be the last step to get me crossing over into this animated series line collection.

If DC Collectibles really wanted they could sink their figure-making teeth on a whole subset of the Fourth World characters. Darkseid, Kalibak and company were introduced in that show so it wouldn’t be a stretch.

DCC Batman The Animated Series Batman expressionsBatman: The Animated Series isn’t being forgotten. Coming up is a pretty cool idea with a figure featuring the many faces of Batman.

DCC Batman The Animated Series Batman big capeIt’s unclear if this is for the same figure from the promo image, but we’re also getting a Batman with a ‘blown out’ cape effect. Since I haven’t kept up with who has and hasn’t been made I’m wondering how many other characters are left for this line. DC Collectibles has done a great job with it. Hopefully they won’t be too hard to collect on the secondary market.

The DC Films line is also getting reinforcements from this year’s films. From Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes Aquaman, Batman and Knightmare Batman. DCC DC Films - Aquaman, Batman, Knightmare Batman

For the upcoming Suicide Squad we’ve got Captain Boomerang, Katana and Killer Croc.

Looks like it’s a pretty good time to be a DC Collectibles fan. What’s your favorite?

Images Credit: DC Collectibles

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