SDCC16: Hot Toys Netflix Daredevil 

Netflix Daredevil makes Hot Toys debut

Hot Toys has been teasing it and here’s the official debut of the Netflix Daredevil from the acclaimed series.

Hot Toys Netflix Daredevil - facing forward


I’m glad the figure is in his more superheroic Season 2 attire. It actually looks pretty great in figure form. That’s probably in part because the show keeps Daredevil in the dark for most of the time. In figure form, the Netflix Daredevil attire is fine. The red and black plating doesn’t clash nearly as much. More importantly, the Batman style nose cover isn’t nearly as obtrusive as it could have looked.

Hot Toys Netflix Daredevil - top down
I had little doubt I was getting it, but it looks better than I expected. I’m curious what all Hot Toys will add to it by way of accessories. A separate Matt Murdock head sculpt would definitely be a nice plus. The billy clubs are included as well as a few hands. There’s no set price for him yet, but if he’s in line with other Hot Toys recent releases he should be in the $220 to $240 range. Would be nice to get him for under that price though, wouldn’t it?

Hot Toys Netflix Daredevil - wide
Hot Toys mentioned The Punisher as well when announcing Daredevil so hopefully he’ll make an appearance too. Jon Bernthal’s take on the character was my favorite so far and I’m definitely planning on getting him whenever his figure is released.

Image Credit: Sideshow Collectibles Facebook

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