The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer reminds us someone has to die

Negan teases his victims in Season 7 trailer

Unlike about 97.2% of The Walking Dead viewers, I was perfectly fine with the season finale. Cliffhangers used to be the norm for shows heading to their summer break and was everything people talked about until the fall. I suspect a lot of these folks would have lost their minds in the three year wait from The Empire Strikes Back to Return of the Jedi.

Anyway, we got our first look at Season 7 with an amazing trailer. To remind us of the precarious situation Rick and company found themselves in, it kicks off with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan playing Eeny, meeny, miny, moe in choosing a victim. During that sequence, we get glimpses of the ‘good old days’ with the gang. It was a very effective reminder that whoever gets killed will be someone we’re grown attached to in the series.

The only two people I’m absolutely certain won’t get killed off are Rick and Aaron. Killing off the only worthwhile Alexandria resident wouldn’t matter all that much and Rick is the main character. After all, The Walking Dead isn’t like some other popular shows I watch that come on HBO…

That tease would have been more than enough, but we’re shown non-victim reveal highlights with Morgan and Carol as well as the arrival of Ezekiel and The Kingdom. I haven’t caught up to those characters in the comic book yet, but they certainly made an impression in the trailer.

The Walking Dead Season 7 returns on Oct. 23. After one of the more effective trailers I’ve seen in a very long time, I’m already counting down until it gets underway.

Who do you think is Negan’s victim?

Photo Credit: AMC

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