Wolfpac Sting, Diesel highlight Mattel WWE Day 2 SDCC reveals

Mattel WWE Day 2 reveals bring more New Generation stars

Yesterday we got a ton of Mattel WWE reveals, but the team still had a few surprises left. The main focus today was retailer exclusives.

WWE SDCC Wolfpac Sting

Wolfpac Sting is an online retailer exclusive. The figure looks pretty sharp save the painted torso. Mattel keeps making this decision to paint over black molded plastic. The effect hasn’t looked right yet and it’s something Mattel needs to scrap. The old way worked just fine and there’s no need to switch it up now.

Next up is figures from a line that seems to be a mixture of several eras for Wal-Marts Then, Now and Forever line.

Tyler Breeze is a current wrestler whose gimmick was great in NXT. He’s better than he’s been able to show on the ‘main roster,’ and I’m glad he escaped the NXT curse and got an Elite figure. It looks exceptionally well done and will be a nice addition to my modern collection.


I’m amazed at this old school Diesel. I’ve wanted a figure featuring his early WWF wrestling stint for years and now it’s on the way. The head sculpt and mullet look great for that time frame. Now we’ve got another big heel for the New Generation era.

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WWE.com also shared some more figures of the previously announced figures. Can’t wait to finally add that Cactus Jack to my collection. Finally my Elite 41 Terry Funk will have someone to fight.

Finally, Stephanie McMahon got to introduce her newest Elite figure featuring her look from Wrestlemania 32.

And this was just a lot of fun to see. It’s great to see this guy in such good shape and enjoying himself.

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