Detective Comics #937 review – another solid effort

Detective Comics continues delivering strong Bat family action

It’s not Justice League, nor the Suicide Squad. DC’s best team book right now is Detective Comics. Rise of the Batmen has been one of the best post Rebirth story arcs and it continues to get better.

With Batman captured by The Colony, it’s up to Batwoman and Red Robin to find a way to spring their ally. Detective is proving to be an interesting Batman title. Writer James Tynion IV has found the sweet spot in handling a Batman team book. Keeping Batman separate from the team so he can keep getting bada$$ spotlight moments while allowing the others to play off each other like a team.

Detective essentially has three leads as Red Robin has been a deputy leader/advisor to Batwoman.  Tynion has been careful to give Red Robin a starring role in proving his value to Batman’s operations. The Spoiler, Cassandra and Clayface remain largely background characters. For this initial arc establishing the team dynamic that’s not a problem but hopefully they’ll get more attention soon.

Detective Comics issue 937 cover

It’s seemed like a long time since Batman has been outmaneuvered. Seeing how he responds and handles this predicament was the issue’s highlight. Tynion definitely worked in some nice additions to the comprehensive Batman highlight reel. One scene especially feels like a scene that should definitely be incorporated into a Batman movie. Batman makes a key discovery that suggests The Colony might not be the biggest threat to Gotham.

Eddy Barrows tagged out and artist Alvaro Martinez handles the pencils once again. Martinez’s style is such a natural fit for the title. He makes the characters very expressive even with masks and the action flow is easy to follow.

It’s become a familiar story with the Rebirth art teams, but that consistency is vital for these bi-weekly titles. While not a big factor for the every other week readers, that art continuity will be key for the trade collectors looking to binge read.

Tynion doesn’t appear to be dragging the story out as the pacing has really played out like a movie. Next issue promises to pack some major action as The Bat Squad battles The Colony. The fun keeps coming with Detective Comics.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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