Green Arrow #4 review – Burn Your Bridges

Burn Your Bridges re-assembles Team Arrow

Green Arrow continues to deliver the goods. The fourth issue, Burn Your Bridges, wasn’t the shocking page turner as previous installments, but was another consistent chapter in the larger story. For Green Arrow that consistency is necessary as it sits on the top tier of DC Rebirth titles.

The issue kicks off with a vintage Green Arrow situation — facing off against police officers and scant options. From there, it’s one obstacle after another for G.A. as The Ninth Circle continues its agenda.

Green Arrow issue 4 Burn Your Bridge page 2

Writer Benjamin Percy is making his run reader-friendly for fans of the TV show. While the Felicity analogy is uninspired, Diggle is further established as a key supporting player. Black Canary also plays a key role as she carries out her own investigation into the Ninth Circle.

Percy is juggling Green Arrow and his supporting cast well. He’s established the new status quo, relationships and a potentially long-term enemy. With a great base of operations and a motif that gives G.A. some Batman quality villains, the Ninth Circle has great potential. More importantly, they present a strong enough challenge that Team Arrow has to dig down deep to get the advantage.

Green Arrow issue 4 Burn Your Bridge page 5

Juan Ferreyra’s picture book art remains stunning. It looks unlike anything else in the Rebirth catalog further helping the title to stand out. It’s warm and inviting despite the violence and unflinching storyline.

While some titles feel like the main storyline is running out of steam four issues in, the Ninth Circle arc remains as engaging as ever in what’s become one of DC’s must-read titles.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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