Justice League #2 review – Extinction Machines part 2

Extinction Machines shows improvement

Nearly every DC title has been improved/remained consistent post DC Rebirth with one major exception — Justice League. All the elements have been in place to keep the title DC’s flagship book. With compelling individual stories for the Leaguers translating that to a team book seemed like a sure thing. So far that hadn’t been the case. With the second chapter of Extinction Machines there’s some positive indication the new creative team is turning the corner.

The first noticeable improvement on is Writer Bryan Hitch brings the team together. There’s no point in writing the Justice League if the team is going to be apart. Gradually the team comes together throughout the issue. Aquaman is tending to some matters in Atlantis while Superman is still an outsider to the group. Hitch tackles that elephant in the room in a logical, nice moment.

Hitch is getting more comfortable writing Green Lanterns Baz and Cruz and reflecting their inexperience compared to their teammates. In another promising development, Hitch establishes Cyborg more as a leader specifically with assignment delegations. Since Superman can’t waltz in and assume command, a new leader is necessary and Cybog filling that slot has promise.

The motivation and purpose of the Kindred is still playing out too slowly. They’re still coming across like yet another faceless horde of alien invaders just using these Extinction Machines. Two issues in and their agenda is still a mystery. While that’s a reliable trope for the Justice League, hopefully Hitch has something else in store long-term.

What artist Tony Daniel lacks in flash he makes up for with a strong clean sense of storytelling. Daniel’s art is easy to follow and there hasn’t been a moment too big for him to deliver.

Justice League issue 2 Extinction Machines variant cover

Justice League isn’t back at top dog status yet, but it’s improving. And that’s definitely an encouraging sign.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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