Superman #4 review – Son of Superman has slight stumble

Son of Superman struggles in fourth chapter

Son of Superman stumbled somewhat with a confusing and off the mark fourth outing.

The title has been at its best when it’s been a Superman and his son. Last issue’s revival of the Eradicator marked a more action-oriented turning point that deviates from the title’s strength.

Superman issue 4 Son of Superman cover

Presumably, Son of Superman is all about getting Jon ready to become a superhero in training. Writers Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleeson set that showcase moment nicely only to back off in the end. Perhaps they felt Jon needed more time to unfold the story, but the momentum was there at that point. It could prove challenging to recapture it.

Superman’s Rogue Gallery cupboard is admittedly slim after Luthor, Brainiac, Bizarro, Metallo and Parasite, but dragging the Eradicator fight through three issues is pushing it. He’s never been the most inspired of Superman’s foes as every Superman/Eradicator battle has largely played out the same. That conflict is no difference this time even with Tomasi and Gleeson adding some new wrinkles.

Superman issue 4 Son of Superman pages_4-5

While the effort was appreciated to try something different, they only served to further complicate the story arc. Gleeson’s art is harder to follow this time — likely due to the vague threat that is The Eradicator. At least Lois Lane had a larger role.

Strangely, Superman has excelled as a conversational title. It hasn’t needed Superman to showcase his powers battling his Rogues Gallery. It’s been stellar in the slow moments.

Superman talking with Jon about the family cat or discussing parenthood with Lois have been charming. Action Comics has been all-chaos, all the time so Superman has provided a welcome balance. But this issue, the well-cultivated balance was off.

Superman issue 4 Son of Superman page 1

Superman has been a steady post-Rebirth read. Hopefully this was just an off issue and the next one returns to form.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Images Credit: DC Comics

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