Superman #6 review – first arc ends in strong fashion

The Son of Superman story arc probably went on a couple of issues too long. Thankfully Superman #6 wrapped the arc with a satisfying conclusion.

Superman is out of options and taps into an undiscovered power source to stop The Eradicator for good. Once Superman started chatting up Kryptonian ghosts the story went off the rails a bit. There’s no superhero that needs a ‘cheat code’ less than Superman. To the credit of writers Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleeson, this was an outside the box approach to tackling The Eradicator but it just didn’t click.

Superman #6 panel art

That was the biggest sticking point in an otherwise enjoyable conclusion. The focus on the Superman punch fest took away from what’s been the series’ strong suit — Superman and his family. Tomasi and Gleeson write Jon in an endearing childlike manner that comes across very genuine and likable. Lois Lane had some great scenes as well. This might be the one Rebirth title that can get away with limited action. It helps when the supporting cast is so enjoyable. Hopefully, Tomasi and Gleeson will continue expanding the cast to more than Lois and Jon.

Gleeson resumed art duties this issue, which helped give the finale a greater sense of importance. Gleeson has a more bombastic style than some of his peers and he makes the action feel especially larger than life. Of the various Rebirth artists, Gleeson draws my favorite Superman. He gives The Man of Steel a true grandiose look that’s both powerful and welcoming. John Kalisz’s colors are stunning thanks to bold use of primary colors.

My biggest gripe with the storyline, involving Krypto, was nicely resolved. It was a reminder that not all writers are just about shocking deaths for the sake of creating a quick buzz. Superman #6 couldn’t fix all the problems with the story arc, but it reinforced everything great about this charming title.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Images Credit: DC Comics

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