Figures Toy Company reveals Ring of Honor Series 2, Rising Stars lines

Figures Toy Company is rolling with its Ring of Honor and independent wrestling figures. The first wave featuring Jay Lethal, Jay and Mark Brisco and Kevin Steen is available now. FTC is starting to build excitement for ROH Series 2 with the reveals of Adam Cole and Bobby Fish.

This line is more stylized to fit with collectors existing Jakks Ruthless Aggression line not Mattel’s more modern take. I’m still concerned that could eventually prove to be a problem for this fledgling line.

FTC is banking on collectors being willing to bolster their old ranks. I’m not sure at this point if there’s still a lot of fans of the old style figure. But, FTC explained its rationale for going this route.


There’s still some issues to work out, but the cloth attire is definitely a smart way to make the figures stand out from Mattel’s offerings. In some cases, like AJ Styles, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, it might be worth it for some collectors to grab these figures for the ring wear.


Beyond ROH Series 2, FTC also showed the upcoming AJ Styles figure from its Rising Stars line. FTC beats Mattel in getting the first modern AJ figure out by a few months.


The Rising Stars line has the most potential to really flesh out the independent wrestling scene.


Also coming to the line is Brian Cage and Ivelisse, marking FTC’s first foray into Lucha Underground. I’m very excited about the possibility of FTC doing more Lucha Underground figures.

You can pre-order AJ Styles from FTC’s site.

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