NYCC’16 Hasbro Marvel Legends promo pics – Old Man Logan, Sandman

As New York Comic Con 2016 gets underway companies are unveiling some of their product for 2017. The NYCC’16 Hasbro reveals already have caught my interest.

nycc 16-hasbro-build-a-figure-sandman
In a press-only event, Hasbro showed the Guardians of the Galaxy version Adam Warlock from Annihilation and Death’s Head II. Hasbro provided promo pics of Old Man Logan and Shatterstar to complete the Build-A-Warlock wave and Shocker and Sandman from the Build-A-Figure Sandman series in the next Spider-Man wave. Sandman looks incredible and the amount of extra pieces to simulate his powers in action really make this a BAF worth collecting.


After the release of the outstanding orange and brown Wolverine in the BAF Juggernaut wave I was hoping for the tiger stripe blue and yellow costume to officially knock Wolverine off my want list. Hasbro tends to try and keep in line with what’s currently going on in the Marvel Comics so the modern Old Man Logan variant isn’t entirely surprising. I’d still prefer a bit more preference towards the classic looks of characters to replace some of the Toy Biz Marvel Legends holdovers still in my collection.


Shocker looks solid, but like Electro he’s in his modern attire. While I’m sure Wolverine is good for a slew of variants the odds of another Shocker in his classic duds is far less likely.


I’m thrilled Shatterstar is in his old school X-Force attire. The X-Men Wave 1 Cable is in a more recent outfit though so they don’t really match up. Hopefully going forward, Hasbro will be more focused on fleshing out teams eras instead of randomly mixing and matching characters.

I’m hoping we get some more NYCC’16 Hasbro reveals over the course of the weekend. I’d love to see another tease of more Fantastic Four members to compliment the already revealed Invisible Woman.

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