DC Comics reviews for 11/2/16 – Superman #10, Batman #10

Justice League #8

justice-league-8Justice League kicks off a new storyline this issue. Outbreak’s opening chapter has potential, but suffers from the same problems that have hampered this title from the start.

For much of the issue, writer Bryan Hitch has Cyborg and Batman (and Alfred) dealing with a hostile technology takeover. Pacing has been a problem Hitch has struggled with from the onset of the series and it kills the effectiveness of this issue as well. As a writer, Hitch gets too focused on telling the reader everything, largely glossing over the fact that comic book readers are accustomed to filling in narrative gaps.

Hitch’s approach to the team remains frustrating as he largely avoids character development and how these various personalities can cohesively come together as a unit.

If Hitch does plan to keep Green Lantern Cruz off the team long-term hopefully he has another female in mind to join the JL. Otherwise Wonder Woman is once again stuck at a team sausage party. On the plus side, it’s encouraging to see Hitch examine the fallout from the League’s last battle against the Kindred.

justice-league-8-interior-artHitch would benefit from not making the story so on the nose. It seems a bit predictable that the one victim just so happens to have a father that would be able to take out the Justice League.

The highlight this issue is the incredibly clean and detailed style of fill-in artist Neil Edwards. With a similar yet splashier style than Fernando Pasarin, Edwards’ art is impressive. Whether the slow paced moments or the more action-driven sequences, Edwards proves up to the challenge. Regardless if the Outbreak arc marks the start of a Justice League turnaround for the beleaguered title at least it will look great.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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