RIP Carrie Fisher — you know we loved you

Growing up, I was conditioned early on that female characters were every bit as competent as their male counterparts. They didn’t need special handling or exceptions. It’s why I have a constant eye rolling for the clumsy and forced efforts in a lot of films these days to overcompensate for how females are portrayed. I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised though. They didn’t all grow up watching Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia.

Leia was apparently a different kind of heroine. Not waiting to sit back and be rescued, but taking an active role in a desperate escape. With Leia and GI Joe’s Scarlett and big screen heroines like Ripley, I just assumed that was the norm. Female heroes could get the job done just as well without any fanfare. But turns out Hollywood didn’t make heroes like Leia and the female leads just never managed to have the same kind of charisma Fisher made look all too easy.

I was kinda hoping 2016’s just evil Grim Reaper Tour would cut pop culture fans some slack. George Michael and Ricky Harris dying in the last few days was enough of a blow. But maybe that’d be enough and Fisher would recover from her heart attack? We’d just gotten Leia back on the big screen now and it seemed cruel to not have Fisher around to enjoy her renewed celebrity status. Let alone complete the new trilogy.

I don’t get particularly bummed out when celebrities die. Sure, it’s too bad, but it’s no more tragic than anyone else losing a loved one. Losing Prince sucked. Ditto for Muhammed Ali, but this one is probably the toughest one in a long time.

I’d just finally opened up and reviewed my Hot Toys Princess Leia figure. I was really impressed with how accurately the figure captured Fisher’s likeness.

Later on, I’m sure I’ll look at how the new Star Wars trilogy will continue on in Fisher’s absence. For now, I’m just going to appreciate Fisher for her immense talent and providing me countless hours of joy whenever I popped in the Original Trilogy. This Rebellion won’t be the same without you.


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