DC Comics reviews for 1/4/17 – Superman, Batman, Justice League vs Suicide Squad

Batman #14

Batman #14 cover

In the two-parter Rooftops, Batman and Catwoman have a night on the town before she begins her prison sentence. I Am Suicide had some up and down moments largely spiraling when writer Tom King devoted too much attention to Batman and Catwoman.

With a renewed focus on the star-crossed lovers/adversaries, King crafts the issue you get the sense he wanted to all along. But even here, King isn’t able to add more layers to the cliche handling of the Bat and Cat relationship. The one last night together isn’t a bad approach though. How would Batman and Catwoman spend their last night together? It’s just the larger problem of fully buying into the drama of Catwoman actually being in a prison capable of holding her long-term.

Besides a few inspired moments where the duo battle an assortment of Batman’s Rogues, including the now obligatory Kite Man cameo, there wasn’t much fresh to this story. King isn’t offering anything new to the Batman/Catwoman dynamic and the first chapter ends in familiar fashion to the kickoff of the New 52.

Batman #14 interior art

Mitch Gerads’ moody art and colors work well within the context of the story and he crafts some particularly strong expressive panels with the two leads.

Even if this is just a minor detour en route to a more complex storyline, Rooftops is a decent shorter Batman arc. King has set the bar high for his run so while this is solid, it’s not one of the essential issues of the Rebirth Batman era.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics

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