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The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom Special #1

Captain Atom #1 cover

The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom seeks to give a Rebirth style makeover to one of DC’s more complicated heroes.

For most of the issue, writer Cary Bates has Capt. Nathaniel Adam aka Captain Atom is dealing with the fallout of a massive power surge. Tucked away in a containment cell, CA reflects on the events that led him on the verge of self destruction.

When CA’s powers threaten to cause cataclysmic destruction, the Justice League arrive on the scene. Bates largely treats them like an indecisive squad of rookies incapable of taking action even in a dire situation. This results is an easily preventable solution had a League member used one of their main abilities.

If the point of the issue was to get readers invested in Captain Atom, it mostly fails. Longtime readers will likely have the patience to see where Bates will take the story, but this is a challenging read for newcomers.

Captain Atom #1 interior art

The biggest problem is CA is treated like a bomb with the timer getting ever so closer to zero. There’s no backstory beyond learning The Flash considers him unstable. And as the issue plays out it’s hard to disagree with that assessment.

Narrative issues aside, the art by Will Conrad is a huge selling point. Conrad’s realistic style particularly the lifelike characters might be enough of a reason to stick with the mini-series until Bates can made Captain Atom a redeemable hero once again.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics

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