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Justice League of America:
The Atom Rebirth #1

Justice League Atom Rebirth #1 cover

There probably wasn’t a better, more enjoyable way for The Atom: Rebirth to play out.

Writer Steve Orlando terrifically encapsulates Ray Palmer’s stint as The Atom. From battling micro invaders to Chronos, there’s a respectable fond look back at the past.

Orlando only added one small wrinkle to the familiar mythos — the addition of Ryan Choi as one of Palmer’s students who becomes Atom’s tech support. Ryan is an immensely likable co-lead. He’s got a stable relationship with his parents and while shy, isn’t unbearably awkward.

Orlando adds a smart personality quirk with Ryan’s fascination with a topic that aids him well on Team Atom. It’s a small, clever touch, but one that makes Ryan far more relatable.

Justice League Atom Rebirth #1 interior art

Andy MacDonald’s art is really exceptional. It really plays nice with the conversational style of the story. Colorist John Rauch is not particularly bright, but it’s very fitting for the more old school sci-fi feel of the book.

The issue smoothly ties in to DC Rebirth and definitely accomplishes its mission of stoking interest in seeing more of the new Atom in the Justice League of America.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics

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