DC Comics reviews for 1/4/17 – Superman, Batman, Justice League vs Suicide Squad

Justice League vs Suicide Squad #3

Justice League vs Suicide Squad #3 cover

After two big set-up issues, DC’s team crossover stumbled somewhat with this installment. Last issue ended on a very strong note with the Justice League actually losing to the Suicide Squad and placed in Amanda Waller’s custody. That was a pretty intriguing setup, but writer Joshua Williamson simply used that as a transition for the focus of the crossover.

Waller already knows about Maxwell Lord’s little team and wants the League’s help to stop them. The big question naturally is why Waller still needs the JL’s assistance after her Suicide Squad took them down. Williamson went too far in making the Squad a decent match-up for the League, which simply strained the League’s credibility instead of justifying the team-up. At least the Squad members get in some quality jabs about beating the League.

This issue was also the first part of the crossover that felt more agenda-focused on establishing the Justice League of America title. DC already announced Killer Frost is part of that team and there’s some not so subtle groundwork to set up that switch in team affiliation.

Justice League vs Suicide Squad #3 interior art

Frost’s moral dilemma would resonate stronger if she’d been part of the Suicide Squad earlier. It’s not a stretch to consider the newest recruit not wanting any part of the Squad, especially when presented with the option to hang with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Waller’s latest bombshell is sure to cause some friction with the teams, but they’ll need to be a united front if they have any chance of defeating Lord and his team.

Rotating artists out from issue to issue might have sounded like a good idea, but it’s making for a a jarring switch with each installment. Jesus Merino handles the art chores this week. Merino is a solid, respectable artist with a clean style. He’d have been a great choice to tackle the entire six-issue crossover on his own. But the switch from Jason Fabok to Tony Daniel to now Merino is making the crossover’s art feel more like a burden and less a priority.

While the transition to the real enemy could have been handled smoother, the team-up against Lord’s team should deliver big time on the action front. This issue started to show some cracks in the crossover, but hopefully Williamson can rebound for issue #4.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics

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