DC Comics reviews for 1/11/17 – Flash, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman #14

Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott craft a radiant conclusion to the Year One storyline as Wonder Woman learns her purpose after departing Themyscara. But her task isn’t an easy one as Diana has to defeat the God of War himself, Ares.

Rucka has done an outstanding job portraying Diana as an outsider trying to make sense of a confusing new world while still holding true to her basic principals. Steve Trevor has also come off well without making him read like a lovestruck puppy. I’m not nearly as intrigued with Etta endlessly flirting with Barbara Mivera though as it’s just reducing her to a one-note character.

Scott’s artwork is as sensational as ever. No one draws a more powerful, more elegant and wondrous Wonder Woman than Scott. It’s just not even close. Scott saved some of her best work in his arc for the finale and the face-off with Ares. Save George Perez, few have been able to make Ares look as menacing and intimidating as Scott. Romulo Fajardo’s colors are stunning and really help to set the art several notches above most of the competition.

The next two issues will be unique as they mark the kick off to two new story arcs. So long as Scott remains to handle the even numbered issues, Wonder Woman will continue to be a can’t miss title.

Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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